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Buying Cheap Electric RC Planes - What to Expect From Your New RC Model Plane

If you have always wanted to break into the joy of flight, or if you have a passion for aircraft, or even if you simply want a positive hobby you can share with your children, you should check out the impressive variety of electric remote control planes that are currently on the market. There are a couple of distinct advantages to buying electronic rc planes as opposed to the slightly more advanced gas guzzler editions. For one thing, an electric motored rc plane removes an entire realm of difficulty from the equation: you don't need to learn or fuss with fuel mixes, choking or stalling engines, the smell and mess of gas, or the various microscopic parts of a miniature model plane gas engine that can go bad at anytime, leaving your rc plane and - your outing - stalled in the middle of the airfield.

If you are a beginner rc plane flyer and you're worried that your intially frequent crashes will permanently ground your new bird, keep an eye out for model rc planes that advertise a high crash resistance. These rc planes are specially designed with the newbie pilot in mind - they can take a lot of punishment and keep on flying. They might sacrifice some scale model authenticity and looks for this ability, but it's well worth having a strong remote control airplane you can trust to take a ride through the wrong side of a forest and still come out kicking. These electronic remote control planes will feature extra thick padding on all major body parts and a deeply encased electric motor which helps the flight system absorb more punishment without sustaining damage to crucial and hard-to-repair systems.

What Can Your Electric Remote Control Planes Do?

If you get yourself a new remote control airplane, you can expect it to perform well through all the standard tricks like inside and outside loops and axial rolls. Double check with your retailer or local hobby shop to ensure the model of electric rc plane you are picking up will be able to pull off all the stunts you might be interested in performing. Better to ask in advance than to get to the airfield, get everything set up, and then be disappointed.

Depending on the type of electronic remote control planes you buy, your rc plane may have a battery that will need a long initial charging. Don't be hasty during this step, as giving your rc plane's battery a full initial charge is essential to ensuring it performs well over its entire lifespan. Pulling the battery too soon because you are impatient to get outside and flying is a good way to permanently reduce your battery's maximum charging capacity.

Your electric rc plane may also come with a special setting (which you might have to find on both the rc plane itself and the remote controller unit) called slow flying or beginner speed. Enable this initially so that you can get a feel for the handling and basic maneuvering of your electric remote control planes. You can always disable the slow flying speed option later on once you gain confidence with controlling your rc plane, but it is nice to have this first training wheel sort of option as it can take a lot of the pressure and stress out of your first flight.

Most of all, remember to have fun! That's the entire point of buying, maintaining and flying electric remote control planes. Bring your friends and family members along to share in the joy and wonder of flight, especially since then you'll have more people around to impress with your elite piloting skills! It's strongly recommended you start out buying a cheap electric rc plane with high crash resistance so that you can relax and enjoy your first flying experiences. It's no fun to lay out a big chunk of cash on a new hobby only to worry about when and if you're going to see your investment go down in a fireball. Cheap electric rc planes are definitely affordable, and some of the best performing and most durable models can be had for a little over a hundred bucks!

Starting Up Your Own Electric Remote Control Planes Club - RC Flying Fun For All!

Once you begin to get the feel for flying and piloting your rc planes, you will start to master basics like take-off, landing, level flight and low level flying. Once you have all of these down, you can always try inviting a few friends to procure their own rc planes and start a local rc flying club for fun. You can meet your friends in a wide open field or park so long as there aren't many other people around you might disturb with your flying (and crashing). You definitely want to avoid flying your electric remote control planes in well populated parks, especially when people are hosting sporting events or baseball games, since you never know when a critical failure is going to put your rc plane on a kamikaze path of little league wreckage and destruction.

Once you and your rc flying friends are airborne, you can collaborate on tricks like formation flying. You can take a page from the blue angels and look up some of their famous patterns and flying formations online and try to replicate them with your own electric remote control planes. If you want to get really daring, you can start playing airborne chicken with your friends rc model planes by aiming them at each other full speed and just barely pulling away at the last moment for dramatic displays of knife edge grit and the timeless courage that lives in the hearts of all electric remote control planes pilots.

In closing, remember that flying electric remote control planes is all about enjoyment - enjoyment of being out in the open air, the enjoyment of sharing something cool and pretty unbelievable with friends and family and the enjoyment of learning more and more about your rc planes as your piloting skills develop. It's quite remarkable that we've come so far in our mastery of flight that we now manufacture model rc planes on a massive scale so that anyone can start up their own flight hobby!

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