In the society we live in, the majority of children have money thrown at them from left, right and centre in an attempt to keep them happy and provide them with every opportunity modern life has to offer. With Christmas on its way, our children require the best of the best and what better way to treat our kids than give them a funky, eco-friendly way of transport?

In the early 1980s, we saw the birth of the first electrical mobility scooter which enabled paraplegics and elderly people to move around with ease on a regular basis without straining their upper body.

Recently, the electrical scooter has been manufactured for the use of younger children and understandably, it has taken the nation by storm. The two-wheeled cousins of the original mobility scooters are very agile and can reach neck-breaking speeds of up 28mph on a flat surface. With a huge amount of variety, the electrical scooter is the new, innovative and sophisticated way for children to travel around the block.

A reasonably-cheap model will not only put a smile on your youngster's face, but it will not effect your carbon footprint as the rechargeable batteries powering these little scooters can simply be plugged into the mains and charged overnight. It can be important to let children know how using an electric scooter is a green alternative and beneficial to the environment as opposed to using motorbikes, quad bikes and mini motors which pump carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

There are many legal requirements to consider when using these electric scooters and it is important to consider them before purchasing one. Firstly, scooters which can exceed 25mph can be used on public highways as long as they are insured, road taxed and checked for safety (checks are required annually only once the vehicle reaches three years of age). Also, these speedy scooters are prohibited from pavements simply for the safety of pedestrians. If you do want a scooter which is allowed on pavements, it must have a top speed of less than 25mph and unfortunately your child will be restricted to 4mph. On the bright side, the majority of electric scooters designed solely for children rarely exceed 10 mph and as a bonus, they don't need taxing. Even though there are many arguments about whether our children should have these luxuries, it is ultimately up to you!