Electric space heaters for homes might be more expensive, but they're a heck of a lot more convenient for indoor homes. Home space heaters provide a good amount of heat for those who don't have a central heating system in their home, or don't get enough heat due to poor ventilation. Whatever the cause might be, there are some nice portable space heaters that will provide a good source of heat for small, and large spaces in your home. First you need to know which kind of electric space heater to get for your home. There are different electric space heaters for homes to choose from. Some are more for personal use, where as others can heat up an entire household.

Different Electric Space Heaters for Homes

Electric heaters are broken up into two categories basically - convection and radiant space heaters. Convection are the most popular ones when it comes to heating up larger areas in a home. These are the best electric space heaters for large areas, but they can be very dangerous as well. Some 1500 watt electric space heaters provides a lot of power, and that can be potential fire hazard. If you buy a convection space heater make sure they have quite a few safety features, and automatic thermostats that you can control. Because electric space heaters can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have pets or little kids.

Radiant electric space heaters are more practical for those who need portable ones for smaller areas in the home. Not as much electricity is needed, since permanent filled oil is also used. Radiant electric space heaters rely on the old fashion way of heat, by directing heat immediately at ground level. They're perfect heaters to use for a few hours. They're relatively cheap and noise resistant. There is also the popular panel heaters out on the market. They provide 80% convection and 20% infrared heat without the use of fans.

The very latest electric space heaters out on the market are ceramic heaters. Compared to coil heaters, not as much electricity is used. Ceramic electric space heaters are seen as much safer to use. They're small and the perfect portable heaters to use in smaller and larger areas of your home. They heat up much quicker, and they're money savers on your electricity bills.

Convection Electric Space Heaters for Homes

The Dayton 1NW9 is a ceramic convection space heater with added safety. I would definitely buy ceramic convection space heaters, since they're safer and just much better since they contain fans. The most important thing to look for in an electric home space heater is an automatic shut off feature in case your heater starts to overheat. These 1500 watt and 5,118 BTUs are a lot of power outage. So safety features are just as important, as the ability to heat large areas in your home. It's highly recommended for bigger areas; like living rooms in your home. These aren't too expensive home portable space heaters to purchase. You can get a good deal online at sears.


The Best Ceramic Electric Space Heaters for Homes

The Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater has been rated the very best heater with a fan by consumer search. If you want the best electric space heater for your home, then this is not a bad purchase to make. It's such a quiet and smooth operator. Two different quiet features are included with a 1500W, 900W, and a remote control to control your digital thermostat, and a timer is also included. You can get a good deal online at CNS stores and sale stores.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control
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(price as of Jul 6, 2013)

Radiant Electric Space Heaters for Homes

If you just need a good heating source for small bedrooms, dining rooms, or at other parts of the house for a few hours of use, then I'd suggest a good radiant heater for your home. Highly recommended for poor ventilated areas in the home. The Q-Mark MCM1503 Deluxe Portable Electric Utility Heater is a highly rated portable electric heater that's one of the better radiant space heaters to purchase online. Three different heating selections are featured, 600, 900, and 1500 watts. Built in safety grills are featured, along with a safety over heat shut off, and a trip over shut off switch. You can purchase for a good prices online at wamhomecenter.com.

Qmark MMHD1502T Deluxe Portable Fan Forced Utility Heater - MMHD White Baked Enamel