Electric Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Endless Hot Water

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Electric tankless hot water heaters are a great way to improve the water heating efficiency of your home. A traditional hot water system employs a hot water heater which directs the heated water into an insulated tank. Traditional hot water tanks are bulky and can typically eat up a considerable amount of closet space or storage in your basement. What's more, hot water tanks will eventually run out of heat, and a home with multiple showers or dishwashers can frequently run out.

Tankless, electric hot water heaters are an excellent solution. The technology allows for water to be heated instantly, on demand. Electric tankless hot water heaters are a great solution that can increase storage space and save you money over time. 

Endless Hot Water: Cost Comparison

Instant Hot Water Systems

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So you have the option of bulky equipment and hot water that runs out, or endless hot water. What are the pros and cons of a system like this?

Cost comparisons: Electric tankless hot water heaters will cost you quite a bit more than a traditional system. As with most newer technologies, the cost is much higher than the old style. This means that tankless electric hot water heaters can end up costing twice as much as a traditional tank system. You'll probably realize huge energy savings, however, so if you can manage to pay the large initial investment you'll be paid back in savings as you use it.

Instant Hot Water Systems: Reliability

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Reliability: Electric tankless water heaters are known to be extremely reliable. Traditional tank systems can be pretty unreliable, mostly because they require an extra step for the water to pass through. If you've ever dealt with the horror of a burst hot water tank, you know that tank systems have their problems. Instant systems are usually twice as reliable as a traditional system, and last many years longer before replacement is required.

Instant Hot Water Systems: Efficiency

Electric tankless heaters have some major advantages over traditional tank systems when it comes to efficiency. The tanks in traditional systems require a lot of insulation, and they lose a lot of their heat even with it. You can count on losing a lot of money every day with these systems. Tankless electric water heaters are far more efficient because they only heat when hot water is required. They do require a little bit of time to warm up, but once they are going they are every bit as good as their counterparts.

Tankless Electric Hot Water Heaters: Potential Issues

One potential issue you might face when installing an instant heater system is electricity requirements. Certain heaters need pretty high energy requirements, and you might need to update your electrical system in your home, which can be pretty pricy. You'll definitely have to get an expert in to do the switchover. 

Sharing might be a problem too. When multiple places require hot water all at the same time, you might experience lukewarm water on all fronts. This probably beats running out of heat entirely, but it's still not ideal. Be sure to consult an expert at the store to be sure the particular instant heater can handle your home requirements.

Having done the research, I think the modern system is definitely worth your while. You'll want to be prudent in your research and make sure you get the right system for your house, and the best bang for your buck.