Are you looking for an electric tortilla maker? You would find this information useful. Buying an electric tortilla maker allows you to make these Mexican delights within the comforts of your home. Instead of eating them out, why not make your own where you can use your own preferred flour like teff, rye or barley and your own choice of ingredients. This is surely a more healthy option than what you get outside. This article will guide you through the popular electric tortilla maker brands available and places where you can get them for cheap.

The electric tortilla maker is a modern appliance designed to ease the making of tortillas and quesadillas. Instead of rolling the dough onto a flat pan and heating it on a stovetop, the electric tortilla maker allows you to simply pour the mixture evenly on to the surface and wait for it to be cooked. The advancement in technology has made it possible to make them within minutes. The surface of the electric tortilla maker is usually non-stick for easy use and cleanup. They come in various sizes for you to choose from, but the most common size is 10 inches in diameter. Each different brand and model comes in different wattages, so your cooking time will vary. However, the electric tortilla maker usually comes with a thermostat and timer, so you would know when your tortillas are ready.

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There are actually many different electric tortilla maker brands available in the market. That being said, the brands listed below are some of the more famous ones with tons of excellent customer reviews. You would find that some come with recipe booklets while others do not. However, it is easy to get these recipes online, so it should not make much of a difference whether or not it comes in the box.

Villaware - Villaware is a well known brand when it comes to kitchen appliances, it is no surprise that they are one of the most popular electric tortilla maker brands. One of the most popular models is the V5955. Besides making 10 inch tortillas, you can also use it to make pita bread, chapati and other flatbreads. It also features a non stick cooking plate with automatic temperature control. This 1000 watt appliance has a convenient cord wrap for easy storage.

CucinaPro - Another famous brand is the CucinePro electric tortilla maker. The heavyweight die-cast aluminum plates allow the heat to spread evenly. They also feature an automatic temperature control with a ready light for you to make perfectly cooked tortillas. Its stainless steel exterior would also compliment your existing kitchen equipment.

Revel - This is another popular brand among buyers. The recommended model for this brand is the CTM 680. It has a durable press handle for you to vary the thickness of your tortillas. At first, it may seem hard to make them perfectly, but with practice it should become very easy. It also has a built in cord storage and an auto on/off ready light.

Other good brands include ChefPro and Saachi, both being able to make excellent tortillas for your family.

Where to Buy a Cheap Electric Tortilla Maker?

A cheap electric tortilla maker is not hard to find if you know where to look. The internet is a great place to find bargains on these sorts of items because of the fierce competition among sellers. Most people prefer to buy their appliances online because of the low prices they offer. Here are some common places where you can get a cheap electric tortilla maker: - Amazon is a great place to look when searching for an electric tortilla maker. They have quite a wide selection when it comes to these appliances with brands such as Villaware, CucinaPro, Saachi and Revel. You can sort by prices or brands to narrow down your search. One good thing about Amazon is that you can read customer reviews on each product. Often, you will notice that they have price slashes up to 50% off on their items, so you can be sure to find yourself a pretty good deal on this site. As an added extra, some selected items come with free shipping, enabling you to save more. - Another site that you can get your electric tortilla maker is on This website offers a wide selection of brands for you to choose from. Prices start from as low as $30 up to $2000 for high end grills used for commercial purposes. Smaller companies normally go through this site to sell their items, so you would actually be buying from the individual company rather than Nextag. They just act as an intermediary for sellers to market their products more efficiently. With this site, it is easy to compare prices among different suppliers so that you can choose the cheapest option for yourself. - If you still cannot find the one that you want, you can use eBay to search for an electric tortilla maker. With sellers all around the world, eBay is an excellent site to search for a cheap electric tortilla maker. While eBay is popular for selling second hand items, you can actually buy new ones here. They are usually 'buy it now' items instead of the regular bidding process that you go through. This allows you to purchase the electric tortilla maker immediately without waiting for the bidding period to end and risking being outbid. If you do find a cheap one, remember to check the shipping charges as they might be high because of the weight of the item.

As you can see, there are actually a few places where you can get an electric tortilla maker selling at a discount. Have a look at all the sites and compare the features and prices. Once you have decided on a certain electric tortilla maker brand, check for customer reviews to see whether previous customers were happy with the product. By doing this, you can avoid buying something that is not of good quality. With the resources available online, you can definitely find an electric tortilla maker that suits your budget and requirements.