Whether you are ready or not, the age of the electric car is here. As you can see from the sales, the fossil fuel cars are not dead yet but it is only a matter of time. We are currently sitting on all the oil and gas that we are ever going to have while we can have infinite electric power. During the coming years you can expect to see strong growth in hybrid car sales.

The History of the Electric Car

As hard to believe as it is, this is nothing new. Electric car sales date back over 110 years to an entire fleet of New York hybrid  taxis. In fact, many automobile makers that had their glory day in the 1930's-1950's got their start before the combustion engine. These include such famous makers as Studebaker and Edsel. At the time the fossil fuels won out because of their power and ability to go long distances. This would not last forever.


California and its large population and multiple urban centers gave rebirth to the idea of hybrid vehicles. Gridlocked traffic gave rise to smog and the associated health risk so they implemented a schedule that required automakers to offer alternative fuel vehicles that produced less emissions. The hybrid automobile fits that bill perfectly as it produces no tail pipe emissions and fully electric car sales began in the 2000's.

Electric Cars Today

New technology has solved many of the problems that the turn of the century cars had. No longer is speed nor acceleration considered a problem. In the first modern prototypes there was a little concern about safety and, while the research is still out, they have been mostly abated. As it turns out, because of the battery, electric cars are heavier than the same size combustible engine car. Heavier weight equals a safer car.


Perhaps the biggest hindrance to hybrid car sales is the limited distance they afford. While it is fine for the daily commute and cost only about $.60 verses $4.50 a day to drive, a long trip seemed impractical because of charging times. To address this they are looking at having a changing station infrastructure to allow just switching out batteries at the stations rather than charging as you go. This system is currently being tested in several places such as Tokyo.


The future of electric car sales looks very bright. As we develop better an more efficient ways to generate electricity it will become apparent that this is the option we need to take for a cleaner, healthier planet.