Snazzy electric wheelchair users ultimately have to grapple with the fact of servicing and maintaining the wheelchair themselves. It is advisable that a user regularly services his wheelchair, at least once a month as owning a wheelchair is like having a car. Both are a form of transport and, if they are down, creates a lot problems for the users. In the case of electric wheelchairs, the parts may be difficult to replace as they are old models, secondly, users may have to request for the assistance of family or friends to assist in purchasing the parts. To ensure a smooth operating snazzy wheelchair, maintaining, regular adjustments and repairs are essential.

To get started, we have to familiarize with the building blocks of snazzy electric wheelchairs and know their individual functions. First and the most important is the battery powering the motors. Users should constantly check the conditions of the battery for any leakage or wear and tear. In the case of wet cell batteries, the liquid within may dry up after prolonged use. Other parts to take note are the on board chargers that allow the users to plug their electric wheelchairs to any outlets and charge the batteries and the joystick controls which have to be checked for mechanical failures. Tires and pneumatic and foam filled tubes have to checked for any tears too.
Going down to the wheels, there are the various ball bearings for the front and rear wheels: single/double flange, needle and discontinued bearings and casters.
At the motor area, there are the electric motors attached at the back and gearboxes.
Other parts of the wheelchairs which take care of the comfort of the users are foot, leg, arm and hand rests which can be full length or partial padded. Calf pads can also be added to support the back of the legs.
There are other electric wheelchair parts which will come in handy outside the core use of transportation. Shower replacement seats which allow the users to seat while showering and it is slip-proof, there is also the shower chair backs for users who have difficulty sitting upright while bathing. Portable wheelchair ramps help to go up steps which may be too high for standard electric wheelchairs to ascend. To list the rest: upholstery, cushions, baskets, trays, padded footplates and drainage bag covers.
Most of these parts contribute to the operating of the wheelchair and require repairing and replacing from time to time. Depending on individual preferences, there are users who will purchase the parts in advance and store at home just in case there is a need for replacement. The downtime for the wheelchair will be shorter too. It is recommended to purchase wheelchair parts along with the wheelchairs from the same dealers as they will know the best fit and brand for your electric wheelchairs. In the event that the user needs to buy the wheelchair parts, he can go to electric wheelchairs websites online to see the different vendors. There are often discounts being offered online and free shipping too. Like any other online shoppers, do take note of the parts' warranty with regards to defects due to transportation.