Electrical switch plate covers are used to hide the hole in the wall which is cut out to install light switches and electrical outlets. Light switch plates are cheap to buy, easy to install, and can be quite decorative.

Decorative Electrical Switch Plate Covers

Decorative switch plates are used to accent a room's décor. There is a huge variety of choices when it comes to what your switch plate covers can look like. Electrical switch plates can be made of wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic. They can be brightly colored, carved, stamped, or plain. Only the most picky of decorators will not be able to find suitable electrical switch plates to match a home.

Installing Electrical Switch Plates

Installing these technological marvels is easy as can be. A screwdriver is the only tool that is required. Simply remove the screws, remove the old plate, replace the old plate with the new one, and replace the screws. This is one of the easiest home improvement tasks that has been invented.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical outlet covers are almost the same as wall switch plates. The only difference is that one is for a light switch and the other is for an outlet. It is a good idea when replacing light switch plate covers to go ahead and pick up matching outlet covers. You don't want to have an eclectic mess of different materials and styles when it comes to you your wall plate covers. Most rooms have at least one outlet on each wall but can have several. They should all be changed out at the same time to ensure a continuity of design.

Electrical Switch Plate Covers - Materials

Brass Switch Plate Covers

Brass switch plate covers are made of … you guessed it … brass. This is a fantastic material to work with in the home. Brass can be shiny and new or can have an antique look to them. Brass electrical plate covers are nice because they can be plain, square, and shiny or they can be cut into unusual shapes, have fancy etchings in them, and be custom made.

Ceramic Switch Plate Covers

I consider ceramic switch plate covers to be the bright and cheerful part of the family. Ceramics can be made into interesting forms and painted. This gives ceramic the great honor of being the most versatile and unique of the switch plate materials. Wood and metal can be cut into most forms but they are usually not painted in as great detail as ceramic.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Switch Plates

Oil rubbed bronze switch plates are very attractive and dark. The surface of the metal is chemically treated to prematurely age the metal. This can make the metal brown or grey with a slight copper tinge to it. The colors can vary quite a bit so make sure that you are getting the right finish in your oil rubbed bronze switch plates to match whatever it is you are matching. This is one of my favorite finishes for metal.

Wood Switch Plate Covers

As with all the other types of switch plates wood switch plate covers can vary greatly. Wood can be carved into many shapes, have decorative details carved into the wood, be unfinished, stained various colors, or painted. Wood switch plate covers can look rustic and western or they can have a fancy Victorian design. They can be modern or you can get antique switch plates made of wood.

Electrical switch plate covers are a great investment and decorative touch. As long as you take a little time to make sure that you are getting what you really want there shouldn't be any problems with installation or lack of choices. They can be purchased online, at specialty stores, or at your local hardware store. If you can't find the cover that you want they can be custom made. Although custom made plates can be more expensive than the already manufactured plates that you can pick up in any store.