Information on Becoming a Juicer in the Bakken Fields

The North Dakota oil field is booming... and they desperately need wiremen!

This article is about electrician jobs oil field North Dakota, maintenance electrical, oil field training and electrical job description. The Bakken Shale Oil field goes across Canada into North Dakota and Montana. This Oil field has the capacity to hold over 4 billion barrels of oil reserves! This figure could make the Bakken formation the largest oil discovery in the U.S.

The Bakken formation is a rich oil deposit that the U.S Geological Survey states as the largest continuous oil accumulation ever assessed. These stats make it ideal for electrician jobs in the oil field around North Dakota.

There is an oil boom in North Dakota. Lots of people are trying to find cost-effective ways of getting the trapped oil out from the shale. The petroleum there cannot be drilled in the same way as petrol taken out from regular wells. This petrol needs to be extracted through a process known as fracturing.

 In 1995, The USGS surveyed the area. They found about 151 million barrels of recoverable oil. Since the discovery, drilling technologies have improved causing the reserve estimates to spike up between 6 to approximately 24 billion barrels of recoverable oil. This has rapidly increased the demands for electrician jobs in the oil field of North Dakota.

 A company known as “Triangle”, has acquired approximately 29,000 net acres and is currently directing the capital towards its operated program. Throughout this year, the company expects to drill about 12-15 gross operated wells with batch completions. The company’s main emphasis is on efficiency and cost. Drilling locations are being developed on multi-well pads which condense drilling, completion and production operations alongside utilizing the recovery of petroleum.

 There are many different electrician jobs available in the oil fields of North Dakota, such as lineman, wireman, or just a general juicer. Many people are earning handsome salaries from these jobs since there are plenty in number and the Bakken boom has got many people wanting to work there.

 In order to get a wireman job in the oil fields of North Dakota, the State Electrical Board examines applicants and then issues licenses to those having the necessary qualifications and knowledge. These are in terms of the laws of electricity and general electrical codes. The state's electrical board has jurisdiction over electrical installations, assuring that inspections are done in an efficient manner. They are timely and meet the minimum standards of national and state codes. They also provide good customer service and satisfaction.

 There are certain laws, rules and wiring standards provided by the state. It is essential for one to be aware of them. Their purpose is the practical safeguarding of people, buildings and building contents from hazards that relate to electricity that can arise from the use of light, heat, electricity and power.

 Some of the requirements and qualifications needed to be an electrician. All electricians need to have a basic knowledge of physics, computer systems, electronics, submersibles, mathematics and statistics, teamwork/interpersonal relationships, instrumentation, data processing and machining and finally fabrication.

 Majority of the fields today are based on something technical. Technology has evolved at a rapid pace and the demand for electricians in is rising like never before. New laws are being passed by the governments to protect people and properties against all the bad effects that electricity can have on us. This means that there is requirements for qualified electricians and these demands for juicers are bound to increase even more in the future. In order to get a good electrician job, one needs to be well qualified. The oil fields surrounding North Dakota are in desperate need of good juicers and are willing to pay handsome amounts. This is the best time to see whether you qualify or not, while easily snagging a job for yourself.

 The type of job that an electrician can do depends on the capability and skills level of the individual. The scope of a wireman can range from the installation of complex electrical systems, to simple maintenance of the rigs. Those that are qualified can work alone or in a team.

 If you want to be a certified electrician then you need to take an electrical apprenticeship program. You should also have a General Education Certificate of English, Science, and Maths with a grade C or higher in your classes. Ideally the skill to interpret technical blueprints will also be a great advantage. Next you need an advanced apprenticeship program. This is usually a 4 year period and includes learning the theories of electricity. You then also have the ability to apply those learned theories in the real environment and often harsh energy fields.

 What would you do if you are in another profession but want to be an electrician now? Those people can take electrical courses during their free time. To have the necessary qualifications, one has to gain a certificate for installing, inspecting, and testing electrical machinery.

 There are certain valuable qualities that count. An electrician needs to be systematic. He needs to be capable of following plans and orders and implementing them to make sure the project meets safety standards. Etiquette is also essential, as with any occupation. The electrician should be an honest, punctual and trustworthy person.

 Every career has its lot of good and bad workers. Electricians are always asked to prove their qualifications. If you want to be amongst the great electricians that employers love to hire, make sure you have the qualifications and that they are updated accordingly in your resumes.

 There are hundreds of vacancies for electricians jobs in the oil fields of North Dakota. It’s just a matter of exploring the internet and finding the ones that suit you the best. Analyze yourselves by keeping in mind your strengths and weaknesses. Polish you skills and improve your weak points. Read reviews and watch videos of electrician jobs that are working in te oil field, whether in North Dakota or somewhere else, to help you get a fair idea of the work environment. Numerous job advertisements are available on so many different websites. You can get find job posts on websites like and