Budgeting for the amount of electricity you use at home is something that almost everyone needs to do.

Wouldn’t it be good if you had a device that tracked down every single watt you consumed and told you about it, so you know beforehand about the bill you receive at the end of th
e month and are not flabbergasted when you finally see your bill?

There are an incredible number of companies who are hard at work trying to make wonderful energy monitoring gadgets available for you commercially.

This technology is fairly new so expect a high price tag for each of the electricity monitoring devices we review below. They are all readily available online and are usually shipped anywhere in the world.

American Grid by Cost-Co

The American Grid is a wonderful product that provides you with regular updates about the energy you use at home. The kit includes a dashboard which tells you how much electricity you’ve consumed and the cost you would need to pay per unit. There is also a gateway for the Internet that lets you access the alerts online and on the go if you have a smart phone, and devices that track watt consumptions per room and per appliance.

You can buy the American Grid online or offline at a highly expensive rate. However, the company claims that you can expect to reduce your bill by at least 20% reduction in your monthly bill.

The Energy Detective by Energy Inc.

The Energy Detective is yet another effective energy tracking device that uses a two-way tracking method over the Internet. It tracks the exact amount of power consumption in your household, and lets you how much each watt unit is priced at according to the energy tariffs you are on. What is great about The Energy Detective is that it can track your green electricity usage too, if you sync it with your solar panels and hydro pump services.

Working in collaboration with Google’s Power Meter app, this device can be tracked through smart phones and tablets too giving you access to updates on the go.

Current Cost Devices

Current Cost is a small-scale corporation that specializes in producing gadgets that track down electricity usage in your house. They can easily be clamped to your meters to let you know much power you consume in your house. Depending on your budget you can buy products that simply track your electricity usage, or let you know the means to use electricity more efficiently, sound alarms when you reach the maximum consumption for the day and much more.

These devices also use Google’s Power Meter app to let you stay connected to the device on the go.

Vera Z-Wave by Mi Casa Verde

Here is a device that not only lets you know how many watts of power you consume but also automatically shuts down lights and fans through simple commands from your laptop or smart phone over the Internet. Moreover, you get to know how you can make your home energy efficient through tips and strategies suggested by the website and the tracking device.

These devices are fairly expensive, but there is a drawback to their services: they only work with electric appliances that are ‘smart’ and can be connected to them through Wi-Fi facilities. On browsing their official website, you can find a long list of products and companies that produce appliances compatible with Vera Z-Wave services.

. . . . .

There are many more such electricity monitoring gadgets for you to consider by reputable brands across the world. In today’s age, conserving electricity is important for both reducing your bill amounts and reducing the noxious impact fossil fuels have on the environment we live in.

When you spend on electricity monitoring devices, you definitely make sure you will get your money back in the long run. Some electricity supply companies provide energy monitoring devices to customers without charge.