electricity storage

Intermittent renewable energy may be effectively utilized by energy storing advanced technologies.

Research and Invention in the area of electricity storage is urgently required so that clean and green Renewable energy may replace Thermal and Nuclear Power Plant. Solar and Wind are intermittent source of energy hence its storage is essential to make it reliable source of energy.

There are many innovative ideas and devices already in use contrary to general belief that electricity or energy can't be stored. Some technologies are even capable of storing electricity in huge quantity. Scientists are coming with brilliant ideas which are making dream of strong huge electricity into a reality.

Pumped storage Hydro Power is capable of storing energy in Giga Watt. Sea Water, River Water, Lake Water and Flooded mines water may be pumped to higher elevation by building a reservoir at hills usually at the height above 500 meters. Gravitational energy of stored water may be utilized during peak-hour by reversible pump-turbine and motor-generator set. Variation in Frequency and voltage may be minimized and management of Grid may be done effectively by Pumped storage hydro power plants. Electricity during off-peak hour from thermal and nuclear power plant may be utilized for pumping water to upper reservoir. Renewable energy from solar and water may also be used for pumping water. Efficiency may be higher than 70% for this type of hydro power plant. Electricity may be purchased at negligible prices at off-peak hour may be sold at very high prices to generate profits.

We may increase generation capacity of old hydro power plants which are presently running at base load due to low generation capacity. By increasing generating capacity these hydro power plant may be effectively utilized to meet our peak hour demand. Less capital expenditure and time is needed for execution of such project. This idea is most feasible and profitable for meeting peak hour demand. Pumping losses which may be higher than 25% in pumped storage hydro power plants may be completely avoided

In compressed air storage power plant air is compressed and stored in underground storage during off-peak hours and same is utilized during peak hour. This system may also use solar and wind energy.

Idea of making ice during night and weekend and using same ice for cooling buildings at day time is also proved very useful.

Superconducting magnetic energy storage, fuel cell, ammonia energy storage, natural and synthetic zeolite for solar energy storage, supercapacitor, ultracapacitor, molten salt energy storage and flywheel energy storage plant are also being used in diffenent parts of world.

Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) systems store energy in the magnetic field created by the flow of direct current in a superconducting coil. Superconducting Magnetic Storage Energy Systems store energy within a magnet and release it within a fraction of a cycle.

Super capacitors and Ultra capacitors are the new super battery for energy storage. Super capacitors will supply power to the system when there are surges.

A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that derives its energy from combustible substances such as hydrogen, methane, propane, and methanol. A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts a source fuel into an electric current.

Renewable energy plus electricity storage devices are perfect combination which may ensure clean and green energy for our future. Renewable energy sources are intermittent sources so combining them with pump storage or other technologies is good for ensuring reliability or stability of Grid i.e. minimize fluctuation in frequency and voltage.

Research, invention and innovative ideas in this field are essential for our future so scientist and engineers are requested to provide viable and feasible innovative ideas so that we may able to fully utilize vast potential of solar and wind energy and may replace thermal and nuclear power plants which are major source of pollution and threat to our environment.

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