In these days people are looking for anyway they can to save every dime they can. Here are some ironic penny pinchers

1. To change out all you incandescent bulbs with energy saver flourescent bulbs as this can cut 1 50 watt bulb down to a 10 watt bulb and get the same amount of light. They are a little more expensive top start but the savings doesn't take long

2. If you have a desk with several things operating on it and none of them need to be operated 24/7, plug everything into a power strip besid the desk. Don't turn off the devices when you leave, turn off the power strip. Better still, install a light sensitive relay before the power strip som when you leave the room and turn the lights off, you turn off evrything automatically

3. In rooms that don't get visited often, take out the ceiling light and install, you guessed it, a motion sensor. Reinstall the light and turn it on. Whether the light is left on or not, it will turn turn off after a couple of minutes

4. Kids too much tv. Unplug the tv and plug in a timer and plug the tv into that. Never set over an hour or two.

These are just starters but they can add up to big savings on your electric bill.