When it comes to one of the most long-lived, and popular, names in vacuums, there's no doubt that Electrolux vacuum cleaners still set the standard in terms of reliability, popularity and cachet.

Many a person of a certain age can remember being a child and marveling at how excited their mother became when she was finally able to get a new Electrolux to help her do her cleaning.

Historically, the manufacturer has been making vacuums for over 90 years, and they've been made with such quality that chances are there's a little old lady in Peoria, Iowa or somewhere who's still pushing one of those vacuums around on her carpeted salon or sitting room. That last may be a bit of a stretch, but there's no doubt certain of these vacuums will last for decades.

These days, Electrolux not only makes what they call "floorcare products" (meaning a universe of vacuum cleaner types) but also a wide variety of consumer appliances, which have been big in Europe for nearly as long as the vacuums have been over here, and even a line of professional cooking appliances as well as foodservice and laundry equipment.Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Still, the name "Electrolux" is fairly thought of by most consumers as being all about vacuum cleaners. The company was originally known for the canister vacuum that its salesmen sold door-to-door (generally by appointment), but these days it also makes several different types, including uprights and extremely slim lightweights, not to mention high-quality central vacuum systems.

Electrolux is greatly appreciated these days, as well, for the number of different models of each type that it makes. There are five different types of canister models, two different uprights (including a professional model) and no fewer than seven different lightweights that give new meaning to the term "light in weight."

Electrolux vacuum cleaners in the USA have a long and storied history, and their canister vacuums have occupied a place in many a housewife's life for well over 90 years.

These days, they come in a wide variety of different types and styles, yet all share a common -- and highly respected -- heritage in the the world of quality vacuum cleaners, of that there can be no doubt.