First let us deal with the common myths and misconceptions of electrolysis hair removal. There are many things that cause people to believe that this kind of hair removal is not entirely safe and effective. Most of us are under the impression that undergoing this treatment for hair removal is painful. Well folks, this isn't true. It does sting but the tolerance level depends from one individual to another. Also, the sting lasts only during the treatment and does not last. Another thing that is the matter of concern is the cost involved.

We tend to think that such treatments might get really expensive. But, when compared to the other beauty treatments for our hair, nails etc. the best part is that these hair removal treatments are permanent. So, the results stay with you without repetition for a long period of time. These treatments work perfectly well only if you abide by the schedule. Failing to do so might hamper the results. Also, it is extremely important to choose the electrologist well. If your electrologist is not good, there are chances of the above myths turning to reality.

The electrolysis hair removal can be carried out on many different parts of the body. Usually women prefer this treatment to remove hair strands from their arms, legs, underarms, toes and fingers. However, the most common areas are the chin, the jawline and the upper lip. Some women might even consider it for removing hair from areas like the abdomen, breasts and even the bikini line. Excessive hair growth in these areas is mostly due to balanced or imbalanced hormones. It might also be the result of medication and genetics.

Many women might even undertake this treatment for shaping their eyebrows permanently. This reduces the trouble of shaping them every couple of weeks. Not only women, but even men undergo this hair removal. They generally prefer this treatment for their back hair removal. Some may even undergo it for their beard lines, buttocks, chest and genitals.

As mentioned before, chin hair is the most common part of the body that requires electrolysis hair removal. The reason behind this is that chin hair becomes a big problem for some women. To get rid of this unwanted hair, they use temporary methods like waxing and tweezing. Both these processes required repeated sittings. The continuous yanking of hair by its roots causes thicker hair to grow in that area. Also, it results in ingrown hair from the follicles.

With this hair removal treatment, there will be no trouble at all and all you will have is a smooth, hair free chin. Even if you have acne problem that persists on the chin and nowhere else on the face, you can turn in to this treatment. This acne is caused to the tweezing and plucking of hair follicles. The facial hair growth on women is a pattern. It starts with the chin and grows upwards right till the corners of the upper lip. If taken care of on time, this problem can be stopped from spreading.

There are different systems for electrolysis hair removal. Basically, the electrology treatment includes three modalities. The first type is the galvanic treatment. This is the original modality for electrolysis and is applied via direct current. This results in salt and water to undergo a chemical change and turn to lye surrounding the hair follicle. The next type is known as thermolysis. Another name for this kind of treatment is radio or high frequency. This uses an alternating current to remove hair. The current provides heat to the hair follicle. The last type is called the blend treatment. As the name suggests, this type is a combination of both direct as well as alternating current. The reason behind this type of treatment is that hair should be treated with both, the chemical action as well as the heating action in a sequential order.

Basically, there are two different factors that determine the results of any of the above mentioned modalities. The first factor is determined by the application of the current which is done with the help of a very fine filament. This filament is also sometimes known as the electrolysis needle. For desired results, it is mandatory that the current be delivered with this needle only. Any other method of delivering the current will not stop hair growing from the follicle.

The next factor that determines the efficiency of the electrolysis hair removal treatment is the skill and expertise of the practitioner. However negligible this may sound, it is of utmost importance to select a skilled electrologist. Both these factors play an important role if you want to get your money's worth from this treatment.

Another method that is used to remove unwanted hair from the face and the body is the laser treatment. This treatment is widely opted for by women all over the world, but also is a good option for men when it comes to back hair removal. So, which method should you choose for your skin? The laser unit can be used only on those people who have a lighter skin tone and dark hair. People who have a darker skin tone may get their skin burnt in the process of getting their hair removed via the laser treatment.

Similarly, those with lighter hair may face problems and won't receive the desired optimal results. This whole issue is due to the fact that the laser beam primarily targets the pigment of the skin. With the advance in technology, a new method for those who do not fit into the category of light skin and dark hair is being formulated. A combination of the laser beam and the radio frequency might probably be used. On the other hand, the electrolysis hair removal system can be used by all.

This treatment can be picked by anyone irrespective of their skin color and hair color. The reason behind this is quite clear. This treatment works on the follicle itself and not on the pigment of the skin. The electrolysis hair removal technique is the best and the safest of all the other treatments.