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No-Print and No-Clip electronic coupons save you money, energy and time.  With the use of smart phones and mobile devices, its easy to link e-coupons directly to your store loyalty cards anywhere you access the web.  ECoupons are the 21ST century way of saving money as a coupon user.

I believe clipping coupons from the Sunday paper will become a thing of the past by the mid-21ST century.  Setting time aside to sit down to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper to organize into a coupon holder eventually will become non-existent.  With technology advancing in just about every aspect, the idea of a newspaper getting printed on paper may come to an end.  You don't think so?  Well, department stores in the area I live already scan coupons directly from my iPod.  All I have to do is open the eCoupon delivered to my email account and the store cashier simply scans the coupon and I save.

Tired of printing out Internet coupons then having to clip them and organize them into a coupon holder?  Times are changing and grocery store list digital coupons on their websites to make it easy for you to transfer eCoupons directly to store cards from anywhere there is an Internet connection.  You create a free account at your favorite grocery store website, link your store card to your account to transfer eCoupons directly to your store card.  At the register give the store loyalty card to the cashier at checkout time for the eCoupon amount to get deducted from the total.  Using eCoupons is just like using a manufacturer coupon without the need to print or clip.  No-Print & No-Clip.

Smart phones and mobile devices have made it easy to link eCoupons to store loyalty cards.  One of the perks of creating accounts at a grocery store website and at the SavingStar website is that you can browse eCoupons and link them to your grocery store loyalty cards anywhere you have an Internet connections.  Picking the kids up from school or activities, waiting on a line, waiting at a doctor's office or anywhere you're forced to wait is a great time to view your favorite store flyer online to browse sales and browse sales and eCoupons.  Take out your Smart phone or mobile device to be productive during idle times throughout your day.  You'll stay on top of the huge sales and save be ready the next time you grocery shop.  No need to remind yourself to grab your coupon holder before you leave the house or remembering where you placed it last and one less item to carry around in your purse or bag.

No need to set time aside to clip and organize paper coupons from the Sunday paper.  Those days are over.

No need to print out Internet coupons to clip and organize.  Less paper and ink used when saving money helps you save more money.

No need to remember your coupon holder and less to carry around throughout your busy day.  Less to carry around helps you stay more clear-minded and organized.

No need to prepare coupons at time of checkout.  Many times I've forgot to hand the cashier a few coupons and that meant I missed out saving a few dollars each time I forgot.

Most grocery stores list eCoupons on their websites but you can use SavingStar eCoupons as a manufacturer coupon to save more money each time you grocery shop.  SavingStar has become the number one place on the web to find free eCoupons that can be used at grocery stores but did you know that SavingStar eCoupons can be used at most of your convenient stores too?  I save money with SavingStar eCoupons at CVS too.

Instead of being behind in the times, make a few adjustments to help yourself save time, energy and money with eCoupons found on the web and at the same time slowly declutter your world.  You'd be glad that you did.

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