Are you looking to buy electronic drums for kids? Here is some useful information for you. Electronic drums for kids are adjustable to suit your child's size unlike the standard regular sized acoustic for adults. With this junior series, there is no reason not to start your children with lessons at a young age. By starting young, children would be able to pick up the instrument fairly quickly and progress much faster when they grow older. Sending them for lessons would train them the correct methods of playing. Therefore, it is be a good idea to get one for your child to develop his or her musical talent. This article will discuss the types of electronic drums for kids which you can consider buying and common places to purchase them at a discount.

There are two main types of electronic drums for kids that you can choose from, the table top sets and the full sets.

Tabletop Electronic Drums for Kids

The tabletop electronic drums for kids are one that you can get if you're after an ultra portable device. They are shaped like a flat tray with many pads on it, each representing a different component of the drum. When the pads are hit with the drumsticks, the signal is transmitted to the main controller which produces a sound and emitted through the built-in speakers. Since it is flat, you can easily put it on any tabletop and start drumming away. Besides saving space, buying one would be a cheaper compared to the full stand-up sets as they usually cost around $100 to $200. Get tabletop electronic drums for kids to keep them busy while you look after your own matters.

Full sized Electronic Drums for Kids

This type is the regular sized one which has an adjustable height mechanism for you to lower its height to suit your child. Instead of being cylindrical shaped, this electronic drums for kids also have pads to replace them. Unlike the tabletop one, this type has stands to hold the pads, very much in the setup of an acoustic drum set. You would find that the location of each pad matches the one in the conventional set. If you have space in your house, the full sized electronic drums for kids would be a better choice because it produces a more realistic sound compared to the tabletop ones. It also gives your child a real feel of playing the percussions.

Best Electronic Drums for Kids

By now, you must be wondering what the best electronic drums for kids are. The models listed here have been best sellers in the category and you can be sure to find something you like.

Yamaha DD65 Digital Drum Pad - This tabletop kit by Yamaha is one of the popular electronic drums for kids. It also includes an AUX in so that you can play along with an MP3 player. IT features eight touch sensitive pads, two drum pedals and a built in speaker. With over 200 MIDI sounds, 100 songs and riffs to play along, this kit will keep your child drumming for hours. It also comes with a DVD with lessons to teach them how to play correctly.

Fender Starcaster TT-1 - Made by the ever famous brand Fender, this tabletop kit is certainly worth the money. It comes with 7 drum pads and 2 pedals with a headphone jack and MIDI in/out jack. It boasts 100 rhythms, 1 demo song, 76 sounds, 20 drum sets, 3 digital reverbs and bass effects.

ION IED 12 Pro Session - This model by ION is one of the best electronic drums for kids. This is the full sized model with adjustable stands to suit your children's height. It is compact and foldable for easy storage and provides a realistic feeling when played. With pads and cymbals, you can either plug your headphones in or connect it to an amplifier to listen to your playing. This model also comes with over 100 drum, cymbal and percussion instrument sounds and you can plug your MP3 player to play along. Sold for $299 on Amazon, this set is definitely value for money.

Sound X SMI-1458 - Another model to consider is this one by Sound X. This is a higher end model which should suit older children. Unless your child is serious in learning to play these percussions, you might not want to purchase this because of its relatively high price. That being said, this electronic drums for kids offer more functions for you to play around with. It comes with 4 pads, 3 cymbals, 1 hi-hat pedal and 1 bass pedal.

Where to Buy Electronic Drums for Kids

There are actually quite a few places where you can buy cheap electronic drums for kids. Whether you are using online methods or offline ones, you can be sure to find yourself a deal somewhere. Here are some popular places to help you start your search. - This site is famous for selling all sorts of things below retail prices. It is very common to find items selling at a 50% discount. With the wide range of cheap electronic drums for kids available from many different manufacturers, you can easily choose one that is suitable for your child.

eBay - This is another site to look at if you are looking for cheap electronic drums for kids. You can either get them new or second hand from sellers all around the world. Second hand ones would be a good idea if you are looking to test out your child's interest in these percussions. You would not want to spend a lot of money on a new one only to have them lose interest in it. You can even get some unbranded electronic drums for kids from China and save more money.

Local Music Store - Another place to look for electronic drums for kids is in your local music store. Sometimes, these stores have prices which rival their online counterparts due to the competition in the market. A useful tip is to shop during the holidays such as Christmas or New Years because this is the time where they have storewide discounts.