Remember when new electronic gadgets just came out and only the adults could afford them?  It was so cool to have a palm pilot to store your information on and if you had one you were considered to be doing well financially.  Now, palm pilots are outdated and it seems as though all the kids have the new electronic gadgets.  Find out what new electronic gadgets are on the market for kids.  Not only are they fun for them, but they are educational as well.

iPad: Some families have an iPad to share as a family.  The father in the family enjoys surfing the web and looking up stocks.  The mom may enjoy looking up recipes while the teenager in the family will probably load her favorite music onto the iPad.  The iPad is even a great gadget for the younger kids.  School agers and even preschoolers can find educational apps that they can benefit from.

iPod: Many kids from the ages of 6 and older have an iPod.  This is a neat electronic gadget for kids because it’s pocket sized where they can fit all of their information, games, music, etc. onto a small electronic device.

LeapPad: A LeapPad is great for kids 3-8 years old.  It is even fun to play on for some 9-10 year olds as well.  There are many different apps that you can download as well as cartridges you can buy for your LeapPad.  There are movies, games, ebooks, etc.  This electronic gadget is a learning device for kids.  The LeapPad even has a front and back camera for taking pictures and recording videos.

Celestron SkyScout: This is one electronic gadget that even the adults will love.  With this unique device you can point it towards the sky and it will be able to tell you about the stars and the satellites, the names of them and more information about them.  This is a great learning device for kids because it teaches them more about astronomy and what is in the sky.  It is a great tool to use while camping or hanging out in the backyard while surrounding a campfire.

Kindle Fire: I see so many kids around using the Kindle Fire these days.  This is a great electronic gadget for kids because it is mainly for reading books.  However, the Kindle Fire is not limited to only storing books.  You can also put music and apps onto this device.  This is a great electronic gadget for kids.

VTech Notebook: The VTech notebooks on the market are very affordable.  Does your youngster constantly ask you for a laptop just like yours?  Now you can get them one without spending the price that you bought yours for.  You can buy cartridges with these computers so your child can work on different computer skills.  This is a great way for your child to learn how to use the computer and type appropriately.

Innotab 2: The Innotab 2 is a great electronic device for kids.  It is very similar to the Leap Frog as it has the same options and is geared for kids the same age; ages 3-8.  One of the main differences with this gadget is that it has an adjustable camera.  Instead of having one on both the front and back, the adjustable camera allows the camera to be flipped around so you take a picture of anything around you.  Like the LeapPad, you can download apps as well as buy cartridges to put into the LeapPad as well.

VTech Mobigo: You know that the Mobigo is a good electronic gadget because it is made by VTech, a reputable company.  With this device your kids can play fun games that will help them learn about the alphabet, numbers, math and work on their reading skills.  This gadget is geared towards kids ages 3-7.

Fly Pentop Computer: This is an awesome electronic device for kids.  It is very educational and a great learning device.  This Fly Pentop Computer works as a normal writing pen, unless you are using Fly paper.  If you are using Fly paper the pen can understand what you are writing and even help you with math problems. 

Discovery Kids Digital Camera: The Discovery kids digital camera is a great find for kids because it is kid tough.  Your kids can drop this camera and you won’t have to worry about it breaking.  This is great for little ones who love pictures because you won’t have to worry about them using yours and breaking it.  Discovery makes some great electronic gadgets for kids.

Firefly Mobile: Doesn’t it seem like all kids these days have their own cell phone?  While it may bother you that your kid is constantly talking about their friends having a cell phone, you may just not feel that it is necessary for a child so young.  The Firefly Mobile phone is an excellent option for young children.  It is a simple and inexpensive phone to have.  All the kids need to do is push a button to dial Mom and push a button to dial Dad.  It is so simple, this phone is easy enough for a 3 year old to understand.  This phone is great for when kids go to the neighbors, walk to the library or are involved in after school activities.  It is a great way to get a hold of Mom or Dad without having to worry.

There are many great electronic gadgets that you can get for your child.  If you cannot afford one for your child at this time and are okay with them using your smartphone, you can download lots of apps onto your phone that are educational and they will enjoy because it is electronic.  If your child is struggling in a certain area at school, technology is a great way to have them become more interested in what they are learning about.  When there are electronic gadgets involved, it seems as though children are more apt to learning what they are told to study.