Electronic garage door locks can help to keep your house, and valued possession in your garage secured and safe. Electronic garage door locks are especially recommended if you have kids. You don't want kids rousing around in the garage, and messing with sharp tools or other dangerous possessions of your. If your garage leads right into your house, then without a doubt you definitely require a good lock on your garage doors. Front entry locks and patio door locks are important to have, but you want to keep your entire house secured and safe. Windows, side doors, and especially garages. Some burglars decide to target garages instead of homes. A lot of valuable tools and cars are stored in garages. Down below are some electronic garage door locks that you can purchase on the web.

Schlage Electronic Garage Door Locks

Schlage FE595 Keypad Entry

The Schlage FE595 keypad entry with flex lock can be used for garage entrance doors, garage doors leading into the house, and basically wherever you want to keep your home secured. It also works well on basement doors, and patio doors. However, it won't work on sliding glass patio doors. These aren't remote door locks, so that's one of the disadvantages of purchasing this Schlage door lock. Schlage makes secured and highly recommended security products for your home. It's a keyless home electronic door lock that's quite versatile to use. Some of the features include a lever door opener, 9 volt battery, 19 different codes, 11 button rubber keypad, and a battery life up to 3 years. You can purchase this online at go keyless.

Craftsman Electronic Garage Door Locks

The Craftsman Garage Door Opener System 3/4 hp belt drive is one of the more highly recommended, yet expensive garage door openers. It's a highly tech electronic door lock, that features 3 function remotes, and a wireless keypad. One of the key features is the LCD Smart Motion Detecting control console. What it does is it senses your motion, and it will automatically turn on the lights and open the garage when you're pulling in from a hard day's of work. The 3 remotes allows other household members to use the garage opener as well. The PosiLock system will keep the doors firmly shut and prevent any burglars or intruders from breaking into your garage door. There are plenty of features on these garage door locks that can keep your home secured. You can purchase online at sears.

Chamberlain Garage Openers

One of the best things about the Chamberlain Garage Door Opener 3/4 HP Whisper Belt Drive with Every Charger Standby Power is that it will still work even if the power goes out. It will still operate for 24 straight hours, and then automatically charges when the power comes back on. It's very safe and a highly efficient garage door lock to use for your home. Prices are a tad expensive, and reach the $200 dollar range. Three remotes are featured for family members to use. The anti-burglary coding features changes the code every time the button is pushed. It's very safe to use and it won't cause any unfortunate accidents with kids. The sensor beams automatically detects motion, and it won't close within contact of anyone. So its a childproof door opener. It features the Motion-detecting control console that opens and closes the garage door automatically for you. Good warranties are going for these electronic garage door locks and openers. A 10 year belt warranty and a 1 year warranty on the Ever Charge standby power system. You can purchase online at sears.

Cheap Electronic Door Locks

Online at smarthome.com you can purchase the wireless keypad for swinging garage doors. It's a pretty simple garage door opener, but it should do the trick of keeping your garage doors locked and secured. It features up to 4 different pass codes for multiple home users to use. These are remote door locks that requires no wires to set up and install. Comes with two 3v lithium batteries. There's a one year warranty of this garage door lock opener. Prices are going for sale for just $28.97.