The perfect gift is an electronics gift voucher. Yes, gift certificates make the perfect present. They are lightweight, and can be used for a variety for purchases. They are versatile and are an inexpensive way to show someone that you care. They can also be sold for money if the person doesn't want to buy the electronics. The electronic gift vouchers are a good way to keep track of purchases since you can divide the amount up between different items. You can also trade them for other types of vouchers. - Hampton, MN

Vouchers are the way to go when you don't know exactly what to buy for someone but want to get them a certain type of gift ie. an electronic device such as an mp3 player or a cell phone. It insures that the recipient gets exactly the product they want rather than one they may not be completely happy with. If I were to get a voucher I would buy a new mp3 player, probably a Zune, that I could use to listen to music while I walk. My second choice would be a FitBit, which tracks steps etc. and allows you to load it to the computer and compete with friends. - Akron, Ohio

The perfect gift is the gift of choice, and electronic gift certificates allow you to give just that. They take the guesswork out of choosing gifts, and let the people you care about end up with exactly what they want. You may think your aunt needs a new vacuum and buy her one, but what if someone else gets her a better one for the same occasion? Electronic gift vouchers are never rendered redundant, and as such they are (along with cash and physical gift cards) one of my preferred gifts. They are not quite as suited for children, but even with them their parents can help them buy what they want. If I got a gift certificate, I would quite shortly be browsing the video game section of an online retailer! - Brooklyn, New York

Gift certificates do not make the perfect present, but they are a very close runner-up, especially if that "perfect" present can be purchased with a gift certificate. If there are stores that you frequent, a gift certificate to that store is basically cash, and who doesn't like cash? Around gift holidays, sometimes I’m unsure what it is exactly that I want. Having the flexibility of a gift certificate eliminates the possibility of receiving a gift I would otherwise return and allows me to purchase what I want on my own time without feeling bad about how much the item in question costs. - Waterville, ME

The perfect gift, to my mind is definitely not a gift voucher or card. Giving a gift voucher on the face of it indicates that you do not know what the person would like or you are too busy to figure it out, or too busy to purchase it yourself. It requires the recipient of the voucher to go to the store and "complete" the giving of your gift by buying it themselves. There is just not the satisfaction of getting a thoughtfully chosen gift in person. Gift cards or vouchers are really useful for giving sort of obligatory gifts to people you don't know very well. In that case it is a token gift, but better than giving something totally inappropriate to the recipient's tastes or desires. - Moreno Valley, California

The perfect gift should say something personal about the giver and receiver. It should reflect that the giver knows a lot about the receiver as far as what he or she would like to receive. It should say that the giver put thought and effort into getting the gift, instead of just rushing out at the last minute and getting a gift card. No, I do not think gift certificates make the perfect present. If you don't know enough, or don't want to put the effort into thinking about, what would be the best present to give someone, then giving them cash would be better than a gift certificate. At least that way, they can decide for themselves where to spend it instead of being limited to the specific store that accepts that card. - Chicago

The perfect gift would be an electronic gift voucher. This would allow the receiver to instantly be able to use the voucher to pick out whatever they would like. No more guessing what someone would like to receive as a gift, give them a gift voucher and you can be sure they will pick out something they've wanted. Plus an electronic gift voucher is easy to mail or in some cases can even be sent through email, allowing the receiver to be instantly able to use it. If someone sent me an electronic gift voucher I would be really happy and would be excited to be able to pick out my own gift, especially since I'm pretty picky and it would be hard for someone to shop for me. - Oakland, California

The perfect gift is not an electronic gift certificate. I believe people prefer to be surprised with an actual gift vs a gift certificate. Electronic gift cards do provide choice while a store card is limited to that store only. I believe that electronic gift cards are excellent item for employers to provide for incentive gifts to employees. Each employee is different and would like choice. If I received an electronic gift I do not have a specific thing that I would buy immediately. I actually was reminded that I have one when I saw this hit. Electronic gift cards would be more appreciated by men then by woman and children. Children definitely enjoy opening a gift. - Willow Grove, PA

Electronic gift certificates make the best gifts because you can shop online without having to get out of your chair. You don't have to drive really far either. It is a great idea and I wouldn't mind getting amazon gift cards for the rest of my life. - Alemeda, California

The perfect gift is an electronic gift voucher. It is an excellent gift for diverse reason, first it is very easy to get and it can be printed at any time or just it can be used directly from a mobile phone, ipad or other electronic devices. It is a perfect gift for men, women, and children, since they can get whatever they want with the electronic gift voucher. If they need something from a local store they can give the voucher to the store and get the item they want. If they want something from a remote location they can get online and the electronic gift voucher will work perfectly. It can be used for many items from big to small stores. One of the big advantages of the electronic gift voucher is that you do depend on a specific card or piece of paper. You can print it many times and you can use it until yo deplete its value. - Annandale, Virginia