This day and age kids are not looking for those frilly, hand knitted and space consuming gifts of the past, they have their sights set on all the new age, multi-feature, electronic entertainment devices that are becoming ever more popular as the years go on. As a parent you are going to love these gift ideas for the sheer educational or sanity saving aspects that they provide but the kids are going to love them for all the hours of fun that they will lead to. Here are some of the top choices for electronic gifts this year.


Electronic gifts for Kids over $100


Video game systems such as the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and the Wii are fast becoming popular choices when it comes to pleasing kids during gift giving occasions such as Christmas and Birthdays. With numerous add-on accessories and hundreds of games to choose from it is hard to go wrong with a video game system.


Don't expect this gift to come with a small price tag if you are buying new though because the average system typically will not be found for less than $200 and can easily be as high as $400.


Handheld video games are another great choice when it comes to electronic gifts for kids especially if you are aiming to please. Typically the handheld versions such as the Nintendo DS lite, PSP or the Nintendo DSi come with just as large of a game selection - ranging from educational to adrenaline boosting, but the price tag is going to average close to the same as some of the full-sized systems which will range between $170 to $250.


Desktop Computers and Laptops are another top choice for kids everywhere. With school work, chatting, online socializing, friend networking and gaming being so popular it is not hard to see why a personal computer would be an A+ gift for your kids. Price wise they tend to average anywhere between $160 and $500 but can be found for quite a bit more than that if you are looking to have a fully customized system.


Find out the most desired features whether that be gaming, writing or socializing and cut out all the unnecessary add-ons to make this gift more cost-effective and personalized. Ask a computer expert at your local electronics specialty shop if you are not sure what features are going to best fit that special someone you are shopping for.


Electronic Gifts for Kids between $50 and $100

iPod's are another electronic gadget that still seem to cause quite a stir among our younger generations. With its easy hands-free entertainment and broad array of features from music, video, radio, games, podcasts, recordings and much more you just can't go wrong if you are looking to give an attention getting gift. Granted to keep within your price range of $50 to $100 you will need to look more into the mini, shuffle, nano or generic versions but these little miniatures still pack a ton of entertainment.


Portable DVD Players thankfully have not lost their appeal to kids these days because they are not only great for at home entertainment they are also a great way for parents to keep their children entertained on long boring trips and away from home outings as well. The constant bombardment of new flicks waiting to be watched makes these electronic gifts a never fail present. Kids these days don't want to have to enjoy that favorite movie when it suits the rest of the family so treat them with their own personal DVD player. You can find these at most retail and electronic stores for an average of $80 to $100.

Electronic Gifts for Kids under $50

MP3 and MP4 players can easily be found for anywhere between $15 and $50 if you shop around. Depending on the capabilities and storage that you are looking for this gift can be a sure-fire way to make them smile this year. Features are wide-ranging but often include some of the following: easy music downloads, access to music videos, movie trailers, picture browser, hands-free entertainment, equalizer options, docking station compatibility and easy rechargeable batteries.


CD Players are another pleasing gift for kids and they make for pretty cost-effective entertainment. These little portable music masters can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find the right one. This handy-dandy present can cost you anywhere from $10 to $50 on average and will be worth every penny.


Take note of the ideas above when you are out shopping this year for that special youngster – you will not be disappointed if you do. Make this year's gift giving a time to be remembered and treasured for both you and the kids by giving gifts that won't get tucked into a corner or be easily forgotten and tossed.


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