Take care of your electronics to make them last longer

Electronics often carry a significant financial investment. However, if you don't take care of your $300 phone or $1000 dollar laptop, your investment can quickly lose all of it's value. Electronics unexpectedly breaking causes serious financial strain and stress. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your electronics in working order. Here are some quick tips to prevent your electronics from wearing and breaking down.

1 Keep the Dust Out

Regardless of whether you're using a laptop, phone, or desktop computer, dust is an issue. A surplus of dust serves as effective insulation, cooking electronic components and ruining your electronics. Use dust cleaning cans frequently to clean out dust build up, especially on cooling fans. You can find these at any electronics store.

2 Take Advantage of Free Software Cleaners

To prevent a breakdown in software, there's many free maintenance programs that protect computers from malware infections and free up used memory. Do your research, though; many viruses pose as free anti-virus programs.

3 Clean Out Charging Ports

Due to frequent use and their small, flexible parts, charging ports are often one of the first components to break down on a computer or cell phone. Carefully clean dust build up from charging ports, and be sure to carefully bend any out of place pieces back into shape before further damage results. Store your charging cables carefully. Don't leave them plugged in out in the open where they can be victim to accident.

4 Use Citrus Cleaning Pads

While this isn't advisable for every part of your electronic item, citrus cleaning pads are a great way to remove oil from keyboards, as well as get stubborn gunk build up to go away. Follow instructions carefully, and make sure to let the your laptop or TV dry before using after cleaning with citrus pads.

5 Change Your Screen Protector

First of all, you need to use a screen protector on all your electronics. Then, it is essential to regularly change the screen protector. Dust tends to get stuck under these protectors, and if the speakers or seams of the product lie next to the screen protector, that dust can wedge it's way into your product. Make sure your screen protector is applied properly so it does not act as insulation.

6 Rebooting your Phone

We tend not to realize how long our phones are on. While laptops and televisions are shut off when not in use, we tend just to keep our phones on standby. Reset your phone every once in a while to avoid overheating, as well as to free up excess memory. If you are unsure how to reboot your phone, check your instruction manual.

Don't ignore routine maintenance for your electronics. Small problems can drastically shorten the lifespan of your product. Save your electronics and your bank account by taking care of your items regularly. Information credited to NJIT Master's in Computer Networking