Electronic Muscle Toning

Electronic muscle stimulators Electronic muscle exerciser

An electronic muscle exerciser also known an electronic muscle stimulator is a highly effective way to stimulate muscle while we do nothing. It sounds too good to be true, so there are many skeptics and nay sayers that believe it doesn't work. The truth of the matter is that it does work, however,  it can never take the place of a consistent workout routine. Electronic muscle stimulation or EMS is to be used in conjunction with exercise to tone muscle in a different way. When using electronic muscle toning the muscles work involuntarily rather than voluntary like when we exercise muscles during training. It's the combination of the two that is known to enhance physical fitness as well as athletic performance.

The way it works is through electrical impulses that trigger nerve endings to contract and relax in rapid succession. When this happens, muscles respond likewise as this is how the body functions;   muscle communication with the motor nervous system. As the cycle continues the muscles are worked harder than one would think and can even get sore just like when we use them voluntarily during exercise. After all, the muscles are being exercised just in a different way than we are used to. As long as the current isn't set too high you will feel a tingling sensation, which is normal.

Electronic muscle stimulators are also used for treating injuries to speed up the healing process. This is why physical therapists use them and if they can then we can. The only difference is that their muscle stimulation machines have a stronger frequency than the ones we use at home. You might be wondering how muscles can benefit as much with a lesser frequency. Well, the answer is easier than one would think and it is to simply use muscle stimulation more often, as in every day and more than once in a day. To be safe follow instructions and don't overdo.

I have used electronic muscle stimulators for both muscle toning and muscle recovery. For muscle toning I use two stimulators both of them by Slendertone. One is for abs and the other  for arms. In case you're wondering I work out often at the gym as well as at home, so I use EMS in combination with a fitness routine. As far as muscle recovery goes I have had many injuries such as a broken knee, broken hip, torn rotator cuff, stress fracture, ankle sprains and more, but you get the idea.  I need help! Anyway, electronic muscle stimulators help ease the pain and make my muscles work involuntarily when they cannot function on their own.

The EMS machine I use for muscle recovery is different type of muscle exerciser and is a combination of a TENS Unit and muscle stimulator. Both TENS and Stim units are very similar in that they both stimulate nerves and muscles. The difference being, electronic muscle exercisers can tone and heal muscle, whereas, TENS is simply a temporary pain relief solution. I like a combination of the two in one unit at times to sort of kill two birds with one stone.

You might be starting to see how beneficial electronic muscle stimulators can be. Whether you're thinking about using one for muscle toning or muscle recovery or both you can't lose as long as you get one that is FDA approved. Not that the others are dangerous, which they may or may not be, but to err to the side of caution. Slendertone is an excellent brand as is Healthmate Forever. Do your homework and check them out in detail before purchase, so that you will know exactly what you're getting and not get taken in by EMS products that don't work as promised.

While EMS devices are harmless to most of us as long as we follow directions there are some warnings and precautions that should be listed and if they're not don't even think about buying it. A few of the precautions include that the unit should not be used when there is heart disease, epilepsy, pregnancy, inflamed skin etc. Also, be aware that there have been reports of bruising, skin irritation, shock and burns when EMS is not used properly or when units are faulty.

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of electronic muscle stimulators, so that if you do decide to get one that you will know what's what. They also make excellent gifts for health conscious people who are into electronic gadgets.