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Kids electronics can range from educational to just pure fun. They offer parents the ability to focus on either driving to the theme park or finishing up some work at the home office. And although electronics aren't meant to substitute the parental guidance a mother or father can bring, they can often times teach kids lessons like grammar, math, history as well as how to use electronics that are ubiquitous in our society. So if a birthday is coming up, or a major holiday, and you want to find the bestselling electronic toys for your child, check out these listed here.

stormtrooper headphonesCredit: amazon


The Funko company was founded in 1998 and mainly produce bobbleheads you see on the dash of various minivans. But they also manufacture electronics for kids that tend to be very popular on Amazon. One product line that tends to get favorable reviews are the Star Wars themed fold-up headphones they offer. They have headphones that mimic the style of popular Star Wars characters like Boba Fett, Clone Troopers and Darth Vader. You can use them with MP3 players, iPods and other portable media players so they can listen to their kids portable DVD player with style. They can even use them with their favorite game console though they're only for listening purposes, not for chatting with teammates.


Hasbro is a well-known company that manufactures fun games and toys for kids and families alike. They've been around a long time - since 1923 - and are still going strong with fun electronic toys for kids to play. One game people love to play is the Electronic Catch Phrase game. Basically, a word or phrase is displayed on the LCD screen, your job is to describe what you see without actually saying it so your teammates can guess the phrase and pass the device to the opposing team. Which ever team has the Frisbee shaped device in their possession when the timer goes off, loses and the point goes to the opposing team. They seem to have a new version out every so often with new catch phrases and words to add a bit more fun to the game.

spynet watchCredit: amazon


Spynet is another cool company offering kids electronics from Infrared Stealth Binoculars to miniature Snake Cameras that can aid in whatever fun mission they're taking part in. Back in the day kids used to play cops and robbers, now thanks to technology, they can play high-tech spies and international villains. One toy with a lot of positive reviews is the Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch. It allows them to take photos of classified material, record audio by listening into secret meetings, and it also gives you the ability to download missions from It has an easy to read LCD screen and of course it'll give you the time. It has a rechargeable battery that'll give you 3 hours of espionage fun. Spynet has other cool toys like a Voice Recording Spy Pen and a Motion Activated Micro Alarm to keep your homebase clear of any threats.

More Fun to be Had

These toys are popular over on Amazon and can provide hours of fun for the recipient. Of course, there are more electronics for kids that can be educational and fun at the same time as well. So whether you're shopping for holiday gifts or just want your kids to have the best toys, these items are definitely ones to consider.