Few things can enchance the mood and ambiance of your garden like a brick planter with a bench seat bullnose. Blending, style, distinction and the ability to weather long years in the outdoors, these special planting spaces keep your walking spaces tidy and help your plants and flowers to bloom to their full potential. Brick planters can also turn out to be favorite stoops for garden dwellers and their friends that want to soak up the spring and summer sun or do some reading and reflecting outside. This is what makes the brick planter with a bench seat especially appealing - you get excellent protection for your garden, a rustic and classic style to enhance the aesthetics of your space, and a comfy place to sit all in one!

Who Can Benefit from a Brick Planter with Bench Seat and Smooth Bullnose?

If you like your outdoor garden space to be beautiful but also homey enough to relax in, then you would do well to consider having this kind of permanent planter-box cum reading nook put in. This kind of planter-box offers superior durability that you just won't find with lesser materials. While plastic outdoor planters can warp and become discolored in the sun and rain, and as their plastics can actually leech toxins into the very soil they are charged with protecting, brick doesn't have either of these problems.

Ultimately, brick, too, will become worn with time, but many gardeners and designers feel that this contributes to the overall character of these very durable pieces. Obviously, a brick-based planter-box is a bit of an investment in terms of time, money and space, so it's a better choice for home-owners who know they are going to have plenty of time to enjoy their outdoor area and relax on their brick planter's beach seat. 

Finally, the bullnose on these particular types of brick garden boxes is exactly what makes them so comfortable for people that want to enjoy sitting outside in the company of their plants. The rounded smooth bullnose makes these brick benches much more comfortable for people that spend extended periods sitting down. The undersides of your knees and legs will thank you!

brick planter with bench seat bullnose


How Much Does it Cost to Have a Brick Planter-Box Installed?

Having a private contractor do the job for you could run you anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars depending on how elaborate of a style you are looking for. Other considerations in determining the price of a permanent outdoor planter-box include its size, the type of brick, its location and the ease of accessing the job-site, the type of ground beneath it and how much earth must be leveled and cleared in order to begin laying the foundation. 

Meanwhile, many masons will tack on extra charges for fancy additions such as the bullnose, but when you are having your outdoor planter-box installed professionally it is more wise to pay extra to have the job done right and entirely to your specifications than to have it finished and wish you could change it later. A bench seat and bullnose will elevate your brick planter-box from a simple plant houser to a central fixture and resting spot that you can enjoy in your garden for many years to come. 

mason building a brick planter box with bench seat bullnose

Installing a Brick Planter with Bench Seat and Bullnose

For those do-it-yourselfers with an ambitious drive to create their own elegant brick stoop and plant container, you can find comprehensive plans in book stores or in online outlets like amazon. However, buying the plans for a permanent outdoor planter-box and actually building one are very different, so you should make sure you understand the scope of the job if you are intent on completing the task yourself. 

Installing a brick planter box requires that you level the ground where your garden box will actually sit. This can be relatively simple if you have more or less flat and soft soil, a shovel, a strong back and some patience, but can quickly become more complicated if you have scrub brush, roots, plumbing or other potentially thorny obstructions beneath your box site.