The holiday season is all about decorating your house giving gifts, and getting into a really good mood! And when it comes to decorating your house, nothing looks better than hanging elegant Christmas stockings on the mantle of your fireplace!

Many Christmas decorations look very tacky, and tend to throw off the overall appeal of your house. This will actually hinder your house’s selling ability if you are showing it to potential buyers over the holiday season. Elegant stockings, on the other hand, spice up your house by adding some flare and flavour to it!

They allow you to decorate your house for the Christmas season while still allowing it to look phenomenal!

Create Your Own Do It Yourself Christmas Stocking-Elegant And Inexpensive

Before I get into specific elegant stockings that you can buy, I wanted to tell you how you can go about making your own amazing-looking stockings to hang up during the Christmas season! The process is very simple and can be completed in as little as 45 minutes!

1. Head on over to any department store and purchase a very plain and basic Christmas stocking. You are going to be decorating it yourself, so the more basic the stocking is, the better that it will be for this DIY project.

2. Go to your local arts and crafts store and buy some liquid glue and glitter!

3. You are going to use the glue to make a pattern on the stocking. I have seen everything from elegant snowflakes to great danes! The easiest way to do this is printing out a picture of the pattern that you want to use, cutting out that pattern on the paper, and using that paper as a stencil for the glue!

4. Sprinkle the glitter overtop of the glue! The glitter will adhere to the glue, and fall off anywhere that didn’t have glue on it!

You will not have one of the best elegant Christmas stockings to decorate your house with. However, the most amazing part is the fact that you have created it by yourself!

This is a great DIY Christmas project to do by yourself, or to have each member of your family do!

*Remember: Don’t be tacky with the glitter colors. You may be tempted to decorate your stocking with 5 different colors, but that is not how you create an elegant Christmas decoration. Stick to 1 or 2 colors for the best effect!*

Use An Heirloom Stocking Kit To Create Something To Pass Onto Your Children

As I stated in the previous paragraph, a DIY stocking is one of the best things that you can do during the Christmas season! With that being said, an heirloom DIY Christmas project is even better because you will be creating something that can be passed down to your children, and even their children!

It will definitely take you longer to create a sewn heirloom stocking that it will to create a glitter one, but the extra time being spent is well worth it!

You can choose to completely improvise the sewing pattern or go with a stocking kit! I would recommend going with the kit unless you are an absolute professional! Improvising the sewing pattern can lead to mistakes and a bad design, but you can’t go wrong with one of the Heirloom stocking packages on Amazon!

Some Of The Best Looking Stockings Are The Ones That Have Sparkly Snowflakes On Them

As I said before, there are literally hundreds of Elegant Christmas stockings to choose from. Some include Santa Clause and others include Rudolph the red nose reindeer! However, there is one design that is better than all of these!


Not only do snowflakes have a phenomenal design, but they are also white! Snowflakes are generally made with silver glitter, which looks absolutely stunning in certain situations! Imagine that you have purchased an elegant stocking to hang over the mantle of your fireplace! Can you see the silver glitter sparkling in the light!

Place a snowflake stocking beside your Christmas tree, and the lights on the tree will make the glitter on the stocking shine!

At the end of the day, you can choose to decorate your house with tacky holiday decor or something elegant like the stockings that I was speaking about. The only difference between the two is that one will make your house look more valuable, and the other will make it look cheaper!

There are well over 20 different TYPES of elegant Christmas stockings to choose from; however, I would stick with the ones that were mentioned in this article. Not only do they have the benefits that are listed above, but they also look the absolute best in any given house!