Wedding centerpieces must always be elegant. If not, they will just ruin your whole wedding reception. However, the problem here is that elegant centerpieces are oftentimes very expensive. Hence, if you do not have enough money for the centerpieces, you are in big trouble. But thanks to simple tropical centerpiece ideas, nowadays, you can make your very own centerpieces that are very much elegant without the need of spending too much money.

The very first thing you have to learn about saving money for the centerpieces is knowing certain alternatives. For instance, instead of using fresh expensive flowers, you can consider using silk flowers. Or, instead of visiting wedding shops and department stores, you can shop for centerpiece items in flea markets and dollar stores.

Once you know the alternative route to your elegant wedding centerpieces, you can begin analyzing your wedding reception. This will help you determine how much materials you need to get for the wedding reception. Hence, you do not have to waste even a dollar for purchasing too many items than what you really need.

To know your needs for wedding centerpieces, start with determining the number of tables you intend to setup for the occasion. Also, know how big the tables will be. Take note that if you have long tables, you need to setup a couple or more centerpieces per table. Once you have everything covered, it is time for you to collect the items that you need for the centerpiece project.

One great example of a cheap yet elegant table decoration is the champagne glass centerpiece. You need fluted champagne glasses, ribbon, faux pearls, tissue paper, fabric, small box, and baby's breath. Tie a ribbon on the champagne glass stems. Then, lay the small box upside down and drape tissue paper over it. Place one glass on top of the small box and another glass right next to the small box. Finish the centerpiece by draping strings of pearls, twisting tissue paper around the centerpiece, and adding baby's breath in the folds of tissue paper.

There are still loads of centerpieces that you can create yourself elegantly without the need to spend too much money. If you will only be wise in choosing and creating the centerpieces, you can expect the best wedding centerpieces for your reception.