Elementary Arrow 1600Penn

I've got three new shows for you to check out! We've got a comedy, a superhero show, and a suspense/action/drama in the form of a new Sherlock Holmes series. Let's start off with a green clad gentleman who some might find familiar.

 Arrow is the CW's newest loosely comicbook based series. I say loosely, because they've certainly been known to take a lot of liberties with characters, background stories, and really you name it in the past with shows like Birds of Prey and of course, Smallville. And to be honest, that's what I was most afraid of happening with Arrow. The show focuses on the long standing DC modern version of Robin Hood, Green Arrow. Though the character has been referred to as "The Hood" so far in the show. Green Arrow did appear in Smallville, but this was a younger, perhaps snarkier, and for me at least, more annoying version of the character than his counterpart from the comics. And again, that's pretty much what I was afraid of happening with Arrow. The CW seems to have a habit of casting most of their shows like a Twilight movie and having about the same quality of plot. This, I'm happy to say, is an exception to that rule however. Stephen Amell plays a very capable and battle scarred Oliver Queen. The first episode of this series made me a little surprised that they let it air on the CW. It seems much edgier and grittier than the vast majority of shows you'd normally find on the network. This one is filled with new takes on villains and allies alike from the comics for the emerald archer. There's mystery. There's suspense. There is even actual adult content. The action is good. The actor looks like he could handle himself in a fight. These are all good things. If there's any drawback so far, I'd say it would have to be that the show sets up so many plots and subplots that it often doesn't find time to give satisfactory conclusions to enough of them in a given season and this means that there are multiple build ups going on right now and there needs to be a big pay off by season's end to keep from being disappointing. Still, this is a good show to watch if you're a fan of action, superheroes, or just a good mystery really. If you want more information on an episode by episode basis, you can check out my reviews of the show here. Arrow airs Wednesday nights on the CW.

 Next up is another one that I was worried about based on some rumors. If you haven't already heard, the world's most famous detective has been modernized recently over in the UK with the show, "Sherlock". This really isn't the first time that Holmes' stories have had a more modern treatment to them, but it becomes relevant here, because there was some talk of the US version, "Elementary" being a bit of a rip off of the UK version. Well, I'm happy to say that though I've seen little of "Sherlock" I have seen enough to believe that is truly not the case. What's more, Elementary is just a darn good show. There are certainly some departures from what I think most of us would consider a normal Sherlock Holmes environment. But these things all make sense and so far seem to be for the better. For starters, Sherlock is based in New York. Don't worry. He's still got his British accent. The series kicks off with Sherlock having somewhat recently moved to the states after having grown up, worked in, and run into some problems back in the UK. There are really some unique things about this show. Holmes likes to train himself to take in a lot of information at once by playing different things on something like half a dozen televisions at once and try and pick up what's going on in all of them. Another change which initially had me worries was that Holmes' faithful comapanion, Dr. Watson, is now a woman played by Lucy Liu. This sounds strange, but it works out well so far. By the way, Holmes himself is played by a very capable Jonny Lee Miller. This is a strong cast for a strong show. Words really can't do enough. You just have to watch it to understand and I highly recommend seeing it from the first episode. This is my favorite new series at the moment and I really don't see anything taking it's place any time soon. Elementary airs Thursday nights on CBS.

 Last but not least is the new comedy from NBC, 1600Penn. This stars Bill Pullman as the president of the United States, Jenna Elfman as his wife, the first lady, and Josh Gad as the president's oldest and most unpredictable child. This one seems like kind of a sleeper hit to me, because I don't think I'd even heard of the show untill it was a few episodes in. In fact, as I write this, the fourth episode hasn't aired yet, but I'm already looking forward to it. There isn't a whole lot to tell yet about this show without breaking down the individual episodes which have aired so far. I'll just say that outside of the Big Bang Theory, its probably the show which makes me laugh the most that's currently airing. So, I advise you to give it a try. It airs Thursday nights on NBC. And that does it for this roundup of the new goodies currently airing. If I find something else out there worth mentioning, I'll be back with more. Until then, I highly recommend these shows. If you try them, I doubt you'll be sorry.