As they say: "Do not fail to prepare; else, prepare to fail." Lesson plans serve as the guide for teachers. It is a plan on what will be the agenda and day-to-day activities for the students. Planning requires some research.

You have to work hard for it by going to the library or doing online research. Here are a few reminders when creating elementary math lesson plans.

Check the guidelines of your school. Every school follows a certain curriculum throughout the school year.

Create a template for your elementary math lesson plans. Having a template will make it much easier for you when making the lessons. It outlines the objectives, the activities, and the resources you will be doing in class. In this way you won't be lost in your discussions hoping from one subject to another.

Set expectations. Inform the children of the objectives of each topic or activity. Be sure to make it clear at the beginning and get the results before the end of the class.

In this way you are able to find out if the methodology is effective and if the children have learned well. Make sure to state the objectives of the lesson clearly and everybody understood what they are to accomplish.

Identify Methodology. It can be a classroom discussion, facilitation, a group work, or any activity that will reinforce learning. The methodology is the way we will deliver the subject matter to the children and this is quite important.

Consider also the learning curves of your students. Not all can learn as fast as the others. This is where the challenge comes on your part. Being able to teach all of them and deliver the topics at a moderate phase of learning.

Demonstrate and model the concept of the lesson. Concepts will remain ideas and students will have difficulty understanding them unless you show them exactly how it works. A better way of saying 2 + 3 = 5 is getting two object and three objects together.

So, when you ask them how many objects had been formed in one group, they will be able to count five. Demos are always reinforcements of learning as students can actually see, and feel it. Have more demos as an effective way of teaching.

Elementary math lesson plans will entail a lot of preparation from you as a teacher. Prepare for your methodology, for the topics, and the activities for you class and your surely won't fail.