Fundraising for elementary schools, unlike others like churches or colleges is not at all difficult. As it is most parents and other elders like to contribute for children's cause, and when the vigor and excitement of the children is added to that, collecting funds for elementary schools becomes easy and fun. The toughest aspect of the whole process is actually deciding how to raise the funds.

Some important points to consider while organizing an elementary school fundraising event are the size of the group and the initial investment that is possible and feasible. While small organizing groups would find products with low initial investment and minimum costs, larger groups of students would rather go for a variety of products with higher initial investment and higher returns for the elementary school fundraiser.

The products that are finally selected would also depend on the target market for the fundraising event. While parents would like coffee or some green product, children would be more interested in designer pencils, crayons, candies etc. There are at the same time some products like scratch cards that would appeal to all.

While almost all products would be acceptable in other fundraisers, in case of elementary school fundraisers, parents are very much involved in the whole process, and thus they would prefer if some nutritional products like fruit-snacks are chosen, which would be nutritionally beneficial for the children, and at the same time help in fundraising and make the event attractive for all. Some other products which would gain the approval of parents would be low-priced yet informative books. These would be easy to order, store and distribute. The overall effort required in organizing the event too would be considerably less.

Another high-profit yet popular way is to sell pizza-cards. The supporters buy the cards for double the prices, i.e. two cards for a single pizza. This way the minimum profit is 50%, and buying 1000+ cards in advance, depending on the expected response could profits as high as 90%. Thus, without any hassles, the event can be organized with least possible effort involved.

While the whole event is usually for a serious cause, it is very important to keep stress low for all involved, both children and parents. Also, it is very important that the stock of whatever product is chosen be kept strictly as per practical estimates, thus avoiding unnecessary wastage. The children should be allowed to take the organization as an opportunity to have fun rather than take it as work.