When you think about graduation gifts, you might only consider those for graduates of high school or even college, but the little ones in your life who have or are getting ready to graduate from elementary school need recognition for achieving this milestone as well. Stores like Justice and Old Navy offer some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the young ones in your life, but if you need a few ideas for an elementary school graduate, take a look below:

Think about Their Hobbies

If your young graduates have any hobbies, now is the time to show them you encourage their creativity by gifting them an item that reflects their interests. By this time, young children have had time to explore their likes and dislikes and have usually drifted towards an activity that they enjoy. Sporting equipment and musical instruments are very popular items, but some other hobbies like science, reading and photography are popular with young students as well.

Help Them Create Memories

When children leave elementary school, it is a huge step. A large part of their life will be behind them. Help them preserve the memories of the times they had with photo frames, scrap books and even a new digital camera. If you are planning on giving them a digital camera for their graduation, be sure to give it to them on the last week of school so they can capture the memories of teachers, friends and the school that they have grown to love and will miss. You can give them picture frames and scrap books after graduation and maybe include a trip to the local photo station to allow them to print their favorite pictures after graduation.

Educational Gifts

You can continue your child's education and learning by offering them educational toys to explore during the summer. Kids love to learn and even though they will be out of school during the summer, their thirst for knowledge continues. Why not give them a head start and get them something that will stimulate their minds and instill some creativity into their lives?

Get Them Interested in Art

The arts are a great way to encourage creativity in young minds and most children are very interested in expressing their creativity. Photography, painting and music are wonderful inspirations and there are many gifts that can be purchased that children will love and will learn from. A paint set is a great gift and offers children a new outlet for creating their art. Add some frames for them to display their artwork and you will even have some beautifully inspired home decorations that you and they can be proud of.

Whatever gift you decide on will be fine, but the rule of thumb is to gift them something that offers a feeling of pride and responsibility. They have achieved their goals and proven to be responsible, so celebrate this milestone with a gift they will feel proud to receive.