The great trick of mass control is to convince the controlled of how it begins, of how it ends – and that it somehow matters in the present.  –Eric Ciarroni.

How interesting is it that we don’t have any experiential perspective on where ‘it’ began and where ‘it’ ends, and yet we are implored to believe some self-invested source as to the absolute legitimacy of it’s claims?

Is our ego so encouraged by all around us to seek it’s identity in the past and it’s salvation in the future that we succumb to hitching our soul’s experience on a tool (the ego) meant to serve it?

I call these questions to your awareness to re-frame the perspective and challenge that which has an experientially weak, but intuitively strong counter argument… 

That even if it were all true; What does it matter?  

The truth is we will never know this past or future in our experience of this life and that to serve what it portends to be the ‘purpose’ of your life would be to cede all our Godly power given to us in the first place.  Furthermore, there is nothing to accomplish in this life by doing.  We ‘accomplish’ in this life by being.  By experiencing what it is to be our true Selves in relation to our current circumstance and to other souls in the ever present moment of now.  Thus, our salvation can only ever be found in the present moment.  The more our mind robs us of the present moment by dwelling in the past or the future, the more we become attached to things and outcomes.  But things and outcomes have no inherent life to them, and can only have meaning by our lives lending them meaning.  In other words, our personal life-force is the only source of their temporary meaning. 

Haven’t you ever found it curious as to why things and outcomes only have temporary meaning?   

Understand that your soul creates and houses all meaning and if you find meaning in something outside of your experience of your soul, know that you have merely imbued it with such.  If you forget this truth, Father Time will unfailingly remind you.

To your true salvation,