We all have a man we consider fashionable. What elements in him, or what does he do differently to be considered as such?

Men and fashion

In the past, men and fashion was more of water and oil: they didn’t mix. However, times have changed, and so have the men. Today, men have taken a lot into fashion and its role in making them look good. Many fashion elements at the disposal of these men have been created. Nowadays, men don’t look good for the sake of looking good. They do so to earn favors in their professional circles and socially, especially among the ladies! So, what are the elements of a fashionable man? What can you do to attain this status for yourself? Start by keeping it fresh. But what is ‘it’? Your wardrobe. Of course, there are certain elements of the wardrobe that you cannot do without. For instance, a pair of jeans, khakis, or a blue suit. However, you can revamp the wardrobe by introducing certain fashionable pieces that don’t have to be functional, but simply accessories. To the functional pieces, maybe you can add turtlenecks, a sharp detailed designer belt or a pair of new shoes.


No matter the kind of fashion pieces you have or how much you spend on them, if your body does not look the part, then the clothes wont earn you the fashionable title. You need to be fit, and this can only be attained through exercise. You need to show that you not only care for your clothes but also for your body. Good clothes can only rest well on a toned body! Another easy way of making a fashion statement is by the use of fragrance. Male colognes are available in many kinds; hence take the time to find one that reflects your personality. For an improved statement, you can mix two fragrances. However, as you do this, ensure that their scents are not conflicting in a manner that will result in a repulsive scent. Before buying any cologne however, always test it on a small area of the skin to ensure that it is safe on your skin.


Besides good outfit ideas, men’s fashion hairstyle is a major component of personal style. Therefore, invest in a good barber who will always do your hair justice. Well kept hair is an element of good grooming that cannot be ignored. Always listen to the hairdressers’ advice on the length, color and style that best suits you and your way of life. After all, they have the knowledge. If your hair starts thinning out, rather than insisting on combing it, you can choose to go bald! Another element of a fashionable is manicured nails (both hands and feet), and with the latest in facial grooming, a clean-shaven or well kept beard. Everything about a fashionable man is impeccable: a clean shirt, perfectly fitting jeans, and the right sleeve length for the jacket. Men's fashion dictates that nails be short, clean and well cared for. Get a nail file and a buff, or if you can't, you always have the option of a manicurist. Looking good takes effort, but the end results, with these outfit ideas, are always worth it!