Elephant Tattoo Designs

Elephant Tattoo Pictures and Meanings

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The other day, I met a girl who had an elephant tattoo on her wrist. She had drawn it herself on a napkin, and it was beautiful! I love finding new and creative tattoo designs, so I wanted to write on elephant tattoo designs, and why I think they're so cool.

I'll touch on a bit of the common elephant tattoo meanings, and what you can expect your design to potentially symbolize to people. Also, I've found some great elephant tattoo pictures, so get out that sketchbook and take some notes and ideas if you see anything you like!

Without further ado, let's see some elephant tattoos!

Elephant Tattoo Designs and Meanings:

Pictures of Elephant Tattoos

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So, as we all know the elephant is the largest land mammal on Earth. They live primarily in sub-Saharan and southern Africa, and they are one of the more populous animals in Savannah. Previously hunted to near extinction by poachers and ivory dealers, they are much better protected now, and they have started to thrive again. They are so successful that some nature reserves have to airlift them to other parks to make room. Elephant tattoos are a natural attraction to us, because the elephant is a proud, strong animal. 

The elephant tattoo can have many meanings. For example, these animals are often very aggressive. A male bull can be huge, and can easily crush a vehicle if provoked. At the same time, elephants can be gentle and playful. An elephant tattoo design is a nice option if you feel similarly. Gentle, kind and understanding, but dangerous when provoked! 

Your elephant tattoo design can also mean that you have close ties to your family. Elephants live in large family groups, and their social existence is very strong. If an elephant loses its family, it will often die of depression. (This isn't alway true of male bulls, who tend to roam the plains looking for mates, play and companionship). 

If you feel strongly and deeply connected to your immediate family, an elephant tattoo is probably a great choice for you! 

There are some myths that you can also derive meaning from. Your elephant tattoo design could be referring to your memory (since elephants never forget), or one memory in specific. An elephant tattoo could also refer to something that is very obvious but unspoken (the elephant in the room).

Elephant Tattoo Designs - Where and What

Pictures of Elephant Tattoos

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Elephant tattoos can look great anywhere! Despite the large size of the animal itself, an elephant tattoo design can be quite small, and placed in the right spot it can actually look beautiful and delicate. 

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Consider placing your elephant tattoo design on an extremity; hands, arms, feet and legs are nice options. They just seem to fit better in these places. That said, whereever you decide to put your elephant tattoo design, it will probably look quite good. 

You can also choose between a realistic elephant tattoo, or a stylized portrayal. You can use tribal tattoo symbols to mimic the body shape and tusks of an elephant. 

There really isn't a wrong way to place an elephant tattoo, and the meanings are up to you as well. I suggest you make some sketches and make sure it's the right design for you. 

Good Luck!