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If you want your business to grow, you should know how important an autoresponder is. An email autoresponder like Aweber is a program that allows you to disseminate messages to contacts automatically. What you are required to do when you have an autoresponder is arrange a series of prewritten emails so that the software can forward them to prospective clients on your contact list at a predetermined schedule. So what can do Aweber for you?

An autoresponder is a clever business tool because it enables you to send emails to your target audience even when you are not logged in. Email marketing is necessary in any kind of business because a huge number of visitors who view a website close the page without leaving a comment or don't come back at all. If you have a way of getting their email addresses so you can contact them and send promotional offers and email campaign, chances are they will visit your website again. In the process, they will place their trust in you as an expert, and eventually purchase your products or services. That is why an autoresponder like AWeber is crucial in increasing traffic and sales.

Sending Email Campaigns to Increase Your Sales

Sending out email campaigns is an effective way of distributing valuable information to prospective customers that could lead to the purchase of your products or services. When you keep advertising your brand through information and offers, you will be able to establish expertise and gain trust from your contacts. This way, when they are in need of the same products or services you are selling, they will approach you and not the competitions. AWeber is an email autoresponder that allows you to craft attractive and customized newsletters so they will carry your brand with a professional and modern design.

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AWeber lets you create and distribute newsletters at prearranged schedule. You make your own time and the software will take care of the sending process. They have more than 100 templates to incorporate in your messages. If you have your own collection of templates, you can use them too or opt for messages with an integrated editor. It allows you to perform test messages so you can see which subject line draws the biggest number of response. With AWeber, you can also trace website clicks, the number of clicks on your links, the number of opened messages, and many more. To be able to target audience more precisely, AWeber lets you segment subscribers according to who clicked on links so you can take further action like sending follow-up emails. They have a high percentage of deliverability and they guarantee speedy delivery of emails.

Creating Sign up Form on Your Own

To make your email marketing effective, you need to put together an email list and get them to subscribe to your newsletters. AWeber provides a user-friendly web form that can help you gain more subscribers. The best part is you don't have to be a professional Web designer or hire one for that matter. AWeber's Web form can be created with an easy 2-step process. Even if you don't have any knowledge about HTML, you can easily set up your subscriber form. After your visitors fill out the form, they will be redirected to any page of your site. The form can be placed in the homepage or as popup. You can enhance your opt-in rates with the subscriber count chicklet. You can also test the form to know which headline grabs the most attention.

Skipping Manual Email Sending

A reliable autoresponder like AWeber provides you with an opportunity to turn visitors into potential customers. With AWeber, new subscribers are automatically sent with welcome messages and follow up emails to give them information about your products and services. Autoresponders have always been utilized by Internet marketers, and AWeber has made it even easier for existing and new marketers.

One of the benefits of having AWeber as your autoresponder is that you can send unlimited amount of messages to your subscribers. You can answer queries, send downloads, and deliver product information easily. By using AWeber, it is easier to build your list and gain their trust and confidence. You can set your mails to be delivered on a pre-set timetable so your subscribers receive them at an appropriate time when they are most likely to read your messages and click on links. All these can be done without manual effort since AWeber takes care of your email delivery.

Overcoming Spam Filters

If your email does not reach your client's inbox, all your hard work is wasted. Your emails should get through spam filters so your customers will get to read them, click on links, and buy your products or avail of your services. AWeber has been collaborating with major ISPs to study their spam technology so that your email ends up where it should be. When you create an email, AWeber evaluates its probability of getting blocked by spam filters. If it receives a low score, it will suggest improvements so your email arrives at its proper destination. Sometimes, a word or two can be the deciding point whether your email gets through or blocked. It is an indispensable tool that is already included in the package.

Mixing all your contacts in one group can be confusing. You need to sort them out so you don't have to exhaust your resources on people that will not take interest on the emails that you sent. With AWeber, your list can become more manageable. It is the reason why others call AWeber the ultimate email marketing solution. It allows you to build separate list for customers, subscribers, prospective clients, and others for all your websites. You can send unlimited email campaigns at no extra cost. After you have successfully sold a product to a customer, AWeber recognizes the action and it will automatically stop emailing pre-sales campaign to that specific contact.

One of the most attractive features about AWeber is their excellent customer support which you can easily reach via email, phone, and live chat. You will also receive tutorials in the form of instructional articles and videos. They hold webinars weekly and constantly update their email marketing blog to furnish users with the latest development and tips. Whether you are a novice or an experienced internet marketer, AWeber can help elevate your business and take you one step ahead of others. It is also an excellent tool in establishing better customer relationships.