Hurricane Wilma

Deadliest Hurricanes In History

With Hurricane Gustav just passing and Hurricane Ike set to create some devastating damage, I thought I'd take a look back into history and see how the crazy hurricanes of late measure up.

While hurricanes like Katrina were nightmares with more than 1800 deaths; Hurricane Katrina can't even hold a candle to the 11th worst Hurricane in history. Take a look at the eleven worst recorded hurricanes in history!

Crazy Typhoon11. 1864 Calcutta Cyclone

Location: India

Year: October 5th 1864

Death Toll: 60,000

10. 1922 Swatow Typhoon

Location: China

Year: August 1922

Death Toll: 60,000

Typhoon9. 1882 Bombay cyclone

Location: Bombay, India

Year: June 6th1882

Death Toll: 100,000

8. 1991 Bangladesh cyclone

Location: Bangladesh

Year: April 29th 1991

Death Toll: 138,866

Hurricane Sattellite View7. Cyclone Nargis

Location: Myanmar

Year: May 2nd 2008

Death Toll: 140,000

6. Great Backerganj Cyclone of 1876

Location: Present day Bangladesh

Year: October 29th 1876

Death Toll: 200,000

Hurricane Katrina5. Super Typhoon Nina

Location: China

Year: July 31st 1975

Death Toll: 210,000

4. 1737 Calcutta cyclone

Location: India

Year: October 7th 1737

Death Toll: 300,000

Hurricane Waves

3. 1881 Haiphong Typhoon

Location: Vietnam

Year: 1881

Death Toll: 300,000

2. 1839 Indian Cyclone

Location: India

Year: November 25th 1839

Death Toll: 300,000

1. 1970 Bhola cyclone

Location: Bangladesh (East Pakistan)

Year: November 12th 1970

Death Toll: 500,000