Applying for social security disability claim is a very simple and easy process  as you can apply both in-person and online.On the other hand, getting your claim approved is an uphill battle.  Many claims get rejected each year, while the applications are increasing at an alarming rate. Before you apply for this benefit you need well aware of the specific steps you must take to make sure your application succeeds. There is a specific criteria, created by the SSA department as a basis for approving the claims.
The Social Security Disability  can only be approved based on the basis of a disability condition that  has been medically proven and verified by a registered doctor.  This means that although you can still report the symptoms that impact your ability to work, it is important to receive proper medical evaluation to help diagnose the medical condition based on the symptoms you suffer. The doctor signs the  medical evaluation and  stamped and submits it as part of the required supporting documents.  The symptoms alone cannot be used to support your claim. They will simply lead to a quick denial.   
Firstly, if you suffer from alarming symptoms that are severely affecting your ability to act in the workplace you must report these to your doctor. These symptoms may include a loss of movement, general weakness and numbness in a particular area or throughout the body. Other symptoms may include anything you believe impairs you from working as a normal and healthy person. The next step is to consult your doctor and seek out a proper medical evaluation with a report that mentions a clear statements, stating the diagnosis of your condition. You may need to take several tests to confirm the verbal diagnosis before you go to a specialist physician who will specialize in your condition.
The doctor must fill out an evaluation, where he will state your condition in detail, as well as answer the questions that the SSA asks about your condition. This form is an essential part of the application process and is completed with as much detail as possible. If the evaluation features strong proof about your medical condition, it will be easier to win the claim and receive Social Security Disability payments. However, in some cases the proof provided is not strong enough. In this case, you need  to take further tests to confirm and verify the symptoms.
Make sure that the evaluation is filled out by a licensed and accredited physician. This will make sure that the evaluation is reliable and no fake document is submitted. It also ensures that only those applicants who truly deserve the social security disability benefits will receive the payments.
Although it is not compulsory to hire a disability attorney to fill out the  social security disability claim on your behalf, it is often very helpful as it will ease the process and in most cases, result in a successful claim.  A qualified attorney would help you out in the entire process, advising you about medical evaluations, rules and about which program to apply for. It is important to use the right procedure when filing a claim, which your attorney will help you with. Usually, attorneys don’t charge for first consultation but they only charge when the claim is successful and paid directly from the SSA as a percentage of the awarded benefit.