To protect your child and pets, you should know which plants can be harmful and how to eliminate these poisonous plants from your yard. Some are considered weeds but do not look like weeds. Others may be common to you. There are those that may cause a rash and those which are harmful to eat.

The commonly known Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Poison Sumac are very hardy plants. Don't let dead leaves fool you either. They can be poisonous on contact even when they are dead. Disposal is the best way to get rid of it. It's not recommended using chemicals which are very strong and can kill everything around it that they touch. Some people are using the salt-vinegar option which will ruin the ground and make it inhabitable for plants for a very long time.
Just to let you know, most people classify poison sumac altogether as poisonous plants. This is not true; in fact, the only kind that is poisonous is the kind that grows in very wet, moist ground.
To begin, you will need to find some old clothes that you don't care about and can throw away. Cover your body with long pants, long sleeves and rubber gloves.

There are two ways you can be successful at eliminating poisonous plants like these from your yard. Digging them up from the root with a shovel and disposing them in heavy trash bags is worth the effort. You may or may not have a huge amount of these poisonous plants. This is not a onetime effort though. As they begin to take root, repeat the process again as you will never get rid of the roots in one shot. Dispose of all clothes you wore for this project.

There is one other way to eliminate poisonous plants from yard. Cover the poison ivy or oak so that it cannot get light. It will die and you can gather the dead plant. Make sure you get the roots as well. Put them in a heavy duty trash bag. Remember, the clothes you wear cannot be kept so choose something you don't mind disposing of. You may have to repeat this process several times as well.

If you have heard of Bittersweet Night Shade, I'm sure that what you heard was not good. This plant is really attractive with lovely, purple blooms. This is considered a weed and is harmful if eaten. There are several other species of Night Shade weeds, some have poisonous berries. Small kids are prone to be poisoned by this plant. If you have a small child or pets, dig this plant up and dispose of it.
This plant is not a hard one to eliminate.

To protect your child and pets from poisonous plants in your yard, you should consider the mushrooms growing on the grass. There are a couple of mushrooms that are highly poisonous and can kill your pet.
Some of the common mushrooms may cause mild symptoms while other mushrooms are highly poisonous and lethal to animals and humans. Some of the common ones are Jack lantern, Amanitas, false morels, brown mushrooms, and green Spored Lepiota. Many mushrooms have several species in which some may be poisonous and some may not. The best way to protect your family members and pets is to uproot them and dispose of them. In spring and summer, you will have to do this probably every day.