Smoke odor in a house seems to seep into walls, curtains, furniture and carpets and ends up smelling like an old bar. The smell of stale cigarette smoke is not a scent anyone wants in their house. It does take a lot of work to remove a really heavy smoke odor, but it can be done. It will take time and effort to get rid of the awful smell, but don't give up. You can have a fresh smelling house.

Open your windows and doors and get ready to do a little cleaning.

Clean the walls and windows. Use white vinegar to clean all of the hard surfaces in your house. It may take a few cleaning passes to remove all of the odor causing nicotine from these surfaces.

Remove light bulbs from the sockets and fixtures. Wipe the glass part of the light bulb with white vinegar to remove the built up nicotine. Be sure to do this when the light bulbs are cool. Always remove the light bulbs, do not clean light bulbs while they have a power supply, this can cause electrocution.

Take down curtains and drapes and wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions. Add 1/2 of a cup of baking soda to the rinse water.

Hang the curtains outside in the fresh air to dry, weather permitting. If the curtains or drapes cannot be hung outside, hang them in the bathroom to dry or dry in a clothes dryer.

To remove the odors from upholstered furniture and carpets:

Fill a lidded jar or container with baking soda. Add dried lavender, crush the lavender into small bits first, or 4 to 6 drops of one of the following; Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil or Lemon Essential Oil.

if there is still a cigarette smoke smell, rent a carpet cleaner or hire a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets and rugs. The root of getting rid of smoke odor is to clean and remove the cause of the odor.

Generously sprinkle on upholstered furniture and carpets. Allow to sit for at least 6 to 8 hours, overnight is best. In the morning vacuum up the baking soda.

Place used coffee grounds in containers all around you house or apartment to absorb and eliminate smoke odors.

Rinse off several pieces of charcoal and hide them under furniture or leave them in containers around the house. Charcoal will absorb cigarette smoke smell.

Leave your windows open as often as possible to allow fresh air to blow through the house.