One of the biggest monthly bills you may have is your cable bill.  And you probably do not watch as much TV as you are paying for.  But what can you do about it.  Switch to a dish?  It might be a little cheaper, but at the end of the day you will still be paying too much and the service is just as bad.  But you can eliminate your cable bill and still enjoy TV.  It may not be easy, but you can do it.  Here is how.
The First Step
The first step is not to cancel your cable.  That comes later.  First you need to pick a streaming device.  Devices like Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, or Playstation all work to stream TV content to your television.  Through those devices you can stream services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and a million other content providers.  There will be some upfront cost associated with these, but you will make that money back the first month or two after you cancel your cable bill.  You will still need internet access and if you have a wireless internet router you can put these devices on any TV in your house.
How do I watch TV with these devices?  With these streaming devices you can watch TV through services such as Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime Video.  These also have a cost associated with them, but it is much, much lower than cable.  But with these services you can watch most of the TV programs that are popular and there is tons of additional content for free.  These services carry most major networks and most popular show. 
The Next Step
The next step is getting local channels.  To do this you need a HD antenna.  You do not need a big, bulky antenna like your grandparents have on their roof.  You can get a small inexpensive antenna that can sit right next to you TV.  The reception is fantastic.  You can get better quality HD TV from an antenna than you can from you cable company.  With the HD antenna you can get your local TV channels, public television, and some other random channels you probably never knew existed.  
And you do not need to get an antenna for each TV in your house.  Pick a location with the best reception and you can back flow that antenna signal through the existing cable lines that run through your house.  So you get the HD signal to every TV in your house off of one antenna. 
The Trial Phase
You still have your cable hooked up, but stop watching it.  Use your streaming device and antenna exclusively.  This step is critical in convincing the other decision maker in your house (wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend) that you can survive without cable TV.  If you are extremely crafty they may not even notice that you have switched from cable.
The Final Step
Call up your cable company and cancel. 
With a few dollars in upfront costs you can cancel your cable bill and still enjoy the same TV shows you watch now and save a ton of money.  Now get going.  The quicker you start the quicker you can begin to save money.