Eliminating Bed Bugs with a Shot Gun

When you have bed bugs and you have tried everything you can to eliminate bed bugs, the thought of being able to eliminate bed bugs with a shot gun would have crossed your mind. That is because you get so much frustration from trying to eliminate bed bugs that you start to lose sleep. The other issue with bed bugs is having to deal with the bites and everything else that goes along with bed bug bites. That is why it can be really annoying when all you have tried doesn't seem to work. Will eliminating bed bugs with a shot gun work?

To some extent, you will not only be able to get rid of bed bugs but you will feel so much relief if you are trigger happy. That being said, you might also have to buy a new bed in order to replace the bullet ridden one you have just destroyed. You will feel a certain rush and you might also get the neighbors rushing to call 911. You will get yourself into trouble if you do decide to eliminate bed bugs with a shot gun. So does that mean you will have to deal with it and let the bed bugs take over your home and your life without even paying rent?

Eliminating bed bugs with a shot gun: All out war

The best thing you will have to do in order to eliminate bed bugs without your shot gun is isolating where the bed bugs are. If you are sure that the mattress is the culprit, you will be better off getting rid of the mattress and give the bed frame and bed sheet a good wash. There are chemical products you can use in order to get rid of bed bugs. These products can be less effective if the infestation in deep in the mattress. That is why you will find it hard to eliminate bed bugs without throwing everything away.

Another thing to be aware of if you have decided not to eliminate bed bugs with a shot gun is old home furniture. You will have to throw away home furniture and other old items that might be the source of the bed bugs infestation. You will also have to increase the intensity of changing your bed linen and cleaning. You can also try putting a plastic cover on your mattress before placing the bed sheet on it. This should give you temporary protection from bed bugs bites but will not eliminate bed bugs.

Eliminating bed bugs with a shot gun: Space and fun

If you have a lot of space and you are bent on eliminating bed bugs with a shot gun, you can take your bed to an isolated location and take your licensed (hopeful) shot gun to work. Once you are done with shooting your mattress, you can set it on fire and you will have had your day in court. If you live in the city and you have the desire to eliminate bed bugs with a shot gun, just leave that desire to your imagination and buy a new bed after giving your house a good clean