Using eliptical exercise equipment regularly is perhaps one of the best ways to get fit, a cardiovascular program sheds effectively pounds off your belly and keeps your heart working in great shape.Many people still think that the solution is cycling or running on the treadmill endlessly but the truth is that this can cause more pain than gain.

Using exercise equipment like a cross-country sky machine is a better option than an old-fashioned stationary bike or treadmill because they allow people to workout more with less time.This was important in the 1980´s when the cross-country sky machine arrived, but also in these days when people have very little time and still need to be in good shape.

Still, many people feel that doing cross-country movements are unnatural, that is why fitness machine developers modified the design of the traditional cross-country sky machine into something that is a lot easier to adapt for the human body like walking, cycling or skiing but this time with the eliptical motion.People can now burn more calories and do not get tired so easily.

Can you burn calories effectively using eliptical exercise equipment? Yes and no, there are so many different machines on the market and their effectiveness to burn calories varies a lot.Manufacturers sometimes exaggerate how much their equipment can help people to burn calories but realistically you can burn around 700 calories per hour if you use the equipment properly.

What are the benefits?

  • They allow people to exercise their bodies in shorter periods with less strain.
  • People with all fitness levels, from beginner to professional can use them.
  • Elderly people may find them useful because the equipment produces less stress on the joints.
  • A great alternative to cycling and treadmill exercising which is boring.
  • Can be used while listening to radio or watching TV.
  • Produces less noise than running on a treadmill.

What are the drawbacks?

  • It is so easy to use the equipment that people often overdo their workout.
  • People forget to warm up and stretch before they start exercising and forget about cooling down afterwards.
  • Working out with a heart rate that is too high.
  • Working out with not enough effort which results in burning fewer calories.

Buying a treadmill or some other basic exercise machine is quite simple, your main concern is to run often to get in shape.When it comes to buying eliptical exercise equipment you need first to check your budget because these machines are quite expensive and there are so many different brands and models available.

Always check the features of every model and think carefully about which model would suit you the best.Don´t forget to purchase proper training clothes and shoes as well.