Elixir Guitar Strings1

I have been playing the guitar for about the last five years. With my first acoustic guitar I had no idea that strings made much difference as to how my guitar sounded. I was playing a cheaper brand acoustic guitar, and chose to buy the cheapest strings that I could find. I didn't pay any attention at all to the descriptions on the guitar string boxes.

After several trips to the music store to get new strings, the owner finally spoke up. He asked me why I was replacing my strings every few months. I explained to him that every time I turned around, the strings on my guitar were becoming stretched or broken and some of them had even rusted out where I touched them the most. He just shook his head and then proceeded to direct me to the Elixir strings.

I had seen Elixir guitar strings hanging there many times before, but I had never given them much attention. My eye was always on the cheapest strings that I could find, and the Elixir's were higher priced. The guy told me that Elixir strings were quite possibly the best on the market. He told me that even though they were a little higher, he would guarantee that they would last me at least three times as long as the other brands. I reluctantly took a package of Elixir acoustic guitar strings. All the while I was thinking that he was probably just trying to make more money off of me.

Boy was I wrong! That night I carefully restrung my guitar with my new strings. Once I had them on the first they that I noticed was their appearance. They even looked like high quality strings. I began to tune my guitar with an electronic tuner. Amazingly, the sounds that were coming from my guitar were way better already than what I had heard before. Once I had it completely in tune, I was in shock as I sat there and played some familiar tunes.

All of this time, I thought that my guitar did not sound that great simply because it was not an expensive one. I had no idea that the sound quality was due to the cheaper strings that I had been using. I played for several hours that night. It was almost as if I had gone out and purchased a new guitar to play. There was that much of a difference in the way it sounded.

That one set of strings lasted me for almost eight months. They did not break or stretch, and best of all they did not rust at all. I was so pleased with the Elixir strings that I called and thanked the guy who had sold them to me. I had only one question. Why hadn't he told me about them before?