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Do you remember Elizabeth Smart, the 14-year-old girl who had been kidnapped in her bedroom in 2002? It was a highly publicized kidnapping case. She was found nine months later in her hometown with her two abductors.

For many years, some people had been criticizing Elizabeth for not trying to escape from her kidnappers. Some people believed that she had developed a strong attachment to Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, or what psychologists refer to as the Stockholm Syndrome. The public didn't know what really happened to this girl during her nine-month captivity. Elizabeth had kept her silence until she decided to write her story many years later.

What happened to Elizabeth Smart?

It was over a decade later that Elizabeth published a 308-page memoir entitled "My Story". This book contains details of her ordeal from the day Mitchell took her from her bedroom until the day she was found by the authorities. She recounts the kind of place she and her captors lived in, what they did every day, what little food they ate, and how they moved from Utah to California.
After she was rescued, she never talked about what really happened during her captivity. Some people had unfairly accused her for not trying to escape. Even the articles I've read about her years ago had a hint of bias. Although she does not need to prove anything to anyone, I am still glad that she wrote the book. She might not know how to escape, but she did everything she could to survive. At one point, she had even manipulated her captors to get what she wanted. I don't want to reveal too much about the book, but it was very apparent that she had always wanted to go home.
This is not a typical book where you can enjoy the literary talent of the author. Elizabeth is not a writer. I admit that I got bored in some parts. But I still think that it's totally worth reading. This is a true story about a girl's strength and resilience. She is a Mormon, and though you may not share the same faith, it certainly is impossible not to be moved by her faith. It teaches me that everyone, including helpless children, can possess tremendous strength especially if one has faith. Her story made me cry and it had changed my outlook in life in a positive way.
Elizabeth is now an advocate of child abduction. She has also been studying music in Brigham Young University. She is now happily married to a guy she met in her Mormon mission.
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My Story
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