A popular type of home exercise equipment is an elliptical exerciser. An elliptical trainer is a stationary work out machine. It is popular as at treadmill replacement and some can be used for cross-training because they exercises both the upper and lower body, and is low impact.

Elliptical trainers are aptly named because they guide the body motion through an elliptical path. So, it retains the benefits of a high impact training such as running, and translates it into a smooth, low impact elliptical motion.

Elliptical exerciser are designed reduce the stress and strain on the legs during exercise. Feet are placed on pedals like on stationary bike, but it feel like you are walking in air. You foot never leave the pedals, and there is no reverse action. The elliptical movement replicates the natural movement of the ankle, knee and hip joints during running, jogging or walking.

Elliptical trainers provide a vigorous workout similar to a treadmill but without the impact of running. It also provides some resistance. Resistance training helps protect against osteoporosis. There is no electric motor in an elliptical trainer. It is completely powered by the individual. Because there is no motor, it is more quiet than a motor-driven treadmill. For this reason, elliptical exercise machines are popular with apartment dwellers.

Most elliptical exercise machines also provide an upper body work out in addition to the lower body workout.. The elliptical cross trainer use handle-levers attached to the pedal area for an upper body workout. The handles provide resistance to the natural back and forth movements made by the arms during exercise, and in turn can provide power to the elliptical machine. The user grips the handles below shoulder height. Then while moving the feet back and forth along the elliptical paths, the user pushes and pulls the handles.

The dual action elliptical trainers exercise more muscle groups simultaneously. This provides an intense workout may be more efficient in burning calories. Exercising more muscle groups simultaneously means a more intense workout can be achieved in less time.

Elliptical exercisers are growing in popularity. They are simple and easier to use. The person who is exercising is not taking his or her feet off of the pedals, and exercising can be done at a gentler rate than a treadmill. So, you are getting the same degree of results as with a treadmill, without the perceived amount of work.

There are many online sources and reviews about elliptical exercisers. Reading articles and following on-line links is a good way to get more information and find deals on on elliptical exercisers.