There are so many different elliptical machines out there in the marketplace, but which models are the best quality and value for money for under 500 dollars. Well it goes without saying that you should always buy from reputable retailers and try to buy well known and respected brands.

Because elliptical machines are so popular there are lots and lots of lesser known brands out there to choose from. These are usually a lot cheaper, but they are manufactured using much cheaper and inferior parts.

Elliptical Machine Under 500 DollarsThis doesn't mean that you can't buy a good quality elliptical machine for under 500 dollars. The best place to find these high quality cheap machines is the Internet. The net is full of websites offering lots of different deals. Lots of websites tend to sell off their older stock at a huge discount price. So that they can make room for newer stock.

These older elliptical machines will of cost much more than 500 dollars, but because of the huge discounts for older stock. You are getting a brand new high quality machine. Let's take a quick look at three very popular elliptical machines that are listed for sale on the Internet at the time of writing this article for under $500.

Top Three Elliptical Machines Under 500 Dollars

The first model that we are going to look at is the ProForm 850 Elliptical Trainer. With this machine you are never going to get bored with your workouts again. Because this machines as got two interactive video games, with the games become easier as you train harder. The two fun games that come built into the machine is Calorie Destroyer and Fat Blocker

This elliptical trainer has also got a cool interplay music port that allows you to plug in your ipod so that you can play your music directly through the machine's built in sound system. You are able to get a fantastic full body workout on the machine due to its 12 different workout programs. You are also able to train within your target heart range, due to the sensors located on the machine's handlebars.

Training within your target heart range will allow you to ensure that you are using fat for fuel rather than important lean body mass. This machine is so easy to use with its easy to read clear-view display, which is set at an angle that anyone can see be them tall or short. This elliptical machine comes with a full lifetime warranty on the frame, ten years on the brake and a one year warranty on the parts and labor.

For an elliptical machine under 500 dollars this is certainly fantastic value. It is extremely smooth as well as being sturdy. What you find with cheap machines is that they are wobbly and the action on them judders and is not very smooth. Not with this machine, even the length of stride on the machine is perfect and most people will be able to extend their arms and legs to a level which feels comfortable.

Another excellent elliptical machine under 500 dollars - The Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer.

This model has got so many fantastic features such as 8 levels of manual resistance so that anyone can use the machine no matter were their fitness level is at. The screen on the machine clearly shows the time, distance traveled, calories burned and speed.

It has also got an integrated thumb pulse EKG monitor that will quickly and easily tell you what your heart rate is during your workout. This is a fantastic piece of home exercise equipment at a fantastic price that comes with a 5 yr warranty on the frame, 3 yrs on the brake and 90 days on labor and parts. The weight limit on this machine is 275 pounds

The Final Elliptical Machine Under 500 Dollars

The final model that we are going to look at is the Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer. Costing a little under 300 dollars this is a very good machine for such a bargain price. Some of the features of this machine are the two in one design. Which means you can use it as an elliptical machine or as an exercise bike. This is a fantastic feature because its gives your workouts a bit of variety without the need to owning even more pieces of home gym equipment.

It has got a delux programmable LCD display unit which allow you to change your workouts to up to ten different preset workouts with the ability to customize your workouts to suit you. Also included on the unit is a heart rate monitor, so you also have the ability to train within your target heart range.

These are just three models of elliptical machines under 500 dollars there are many more, but remember if you buy extremely cheap you will more than likely be buying a machine which is made with cheap and inferior parts. Buy from a reputable and well known retailer to ensure that you get the best deal that you can when buying your cheap elliptical machines.