12 preset programs for a great workout

rear drive/low impact/dual action

electronically controlled resistance

doesn't hurt your hips knees or ankles

elliptical trainer workout at your own pace

padded handle bars for comfort

Large LCD display shows heart rate, speed, distance and more


great alternative to a treadmill

Bladez Updated


needs to be near a electrical outlet for electronics


Full Review

If your New Years Resolution, is to get into shape, but you don't want the expense of joining a gym or running in the snow and bad weather, then you should consider the Bladez x350p Elliptical trainer.

If you have not heard of the Elliptical trainer, than you are going to love the idea, that it will give you a complete cardio workout, since it also involves your arms. It is easier on the joints compared to a treadmill.

I purchased this model, and have found it to be a great elliptical trainer workout. It actually feels like a cross between jogging, skiing and riding a bike! It has large foot boards for comfort and is low impact, and runs very smoothly.

It has a large LCD display board, that you can program, and will tell you your distance, calories burned, heart rate and more. It has 12 preset programs that I love to follow, or you can just do your own program. I like the idea that I can just leap on this anytime, and get a workout.

It is heavy duty, but totally comfortable and comes with transport wheels, if you want to move it from room to room. The Bladez elliptical is a great way to get a complete low impact and cardio workout, which of course, helps to burn calories, but also strengthen and tones legs, abs, hips and more without the strain of higher impact workouts, such as running and jogging.

Once you get used to using this machine you will get a great elliptical trainer workout, since these machines "mimics" walking or jogging but without the impact, you will not feel the strain in your knees or ankles, which stops a lot of people from continuing with their goals of fitness.

You can monitor your heart rate as well on this Bladez elliptical with a sensor pad that you touch, this helps you to find your most effective training level and burn calories. You can compete with yourself and see how far or fast you can go. This can be great motivation to get into better shape. You can even put this in front of the TV and really go fast during commercials to add more cardio to your workout! There is a cup holder for a water bottle, so you won't have to leave the machine.

What I really like about this machine and the elliptical trainer workout, is that you really only need 20 minutes to get a good workout. You can get on it anytime, no special equipment (I like to wear running shoes while using this) so I keep a pair of inside running shoes nearby, and when I think I have a break, I will jump on this machine.

If you want to get into shape this year, and have made a resolution to do so, then consider investing in the Bladez Elliptical trainer, it is affordable, quality built and if you have joint pain after running or jogging outside or on a treadmill, then you should consider this piece of equipment to add to your home gym, that way you still get the workout and calorie burn without the same pressure from impact exercises.

In Closing

An elliptical trainer workout, is a great way to get overall body fitness, without the impact of jumping, jogging or running. This Bladez elliptical is well built, and I enjoy using this piece of equipment. You can check local fitness stores, or check online for good deals.