Ellyrion is a tier 2 zone for the Shining Guard army for levels 11-20 in Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning. Ellyrion is a kingdom made up of rolling plains, where Elven steeds breed the finest of all specimens and some of the most prized steeds in the Old World.

Horsemen called Reavers are trained here by the great stallions. The horsemen cross Ulthuan as scouts and messengers are truly are the cornerstone of High Elven society as they can bring word to the entire island.

Some points of interest in Ellyrion include the following:

Caledor's Triumph
Reaver's Mark
Aenarion's Walk
Tor Elyr - This is the capital city of Ellyrion.
Shining Meadow
The Highvale
Dragon Gate
Elyr Gate
Griffon Gate - The Griffon Gate is the last part of the zone of Shadowland. There are several quest objectives and services here.
Unicorn Gate

The bestiary unlocks in Ellyrion include the Cat with the task of Silencing Shadows. The reward is Beastial Tactic Fragment.

The Fiend is another unlock here with the Things Best Left Unknown task, the rewards being the title The Impure.

Finally is the Great Eagle unlock with the Birds of a Feather task and 'The Vigilant' title.

The Tome of Knowledge History & Lore unlocks in Ellyrion include:

The Steeds of Ellyrion
The Seers of Ghrond
Vile Perversions
Corsair Raids
Har Ganeth Executioners
Balance and Discipline
The Silver Helms
The Lessons of the Past
High Magic

Malekith has decided that the Reavers need to be destroyed so they do not harass his armies. The Ellyrion Reavers courage is required to stop the black tide that is spreading across the Elves home land.

Ellyrion Quests

Great quests in Ellyrion include A Shadow Over Ellyrion, All That Remains, Anoint the Ground, Beyond the Gates, Fleetfoot, Blood on the Leaves, Clearing the Way, Into the Flames, Taking Control and more.

Noteworthy Items in Ellyrion

Armguards of Despoilment, Butcher's Greataxe, Chraceaxe of the Wicked, Safeguard's Braces, Silkenwrap of the Wicked, Tunic of the Depraved, Vambraces of Despoilment, Waistgird of Despoilment, Wind Ring of the Wicked, Platecoat of Natural Rest, and Kladgird of Despoilment are some of the items of interest found in Ellyrion.

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