Eltron electric shavers are used for men and women who prefer the electric shaver, compared to traditional razor blades. Some purists might frown upon electric shavers, but doesn't it provide less irritation? Well I'll admit there's an adjustment period to using electric shavers, but in the long-term it seems to provide less irritation. Getting a close shave is important, but I rather keep my comfort personally. Some people have sensitive skin, and their face just doesn't respond well to razor blades. So using Eltron electric shavers can provide a little more comfort when shaving and prevent cuts and nicks. Eltron also sells foils, cutter heads, groomers, and women's shavers as well.

Electric shavers have made upgrades throughout the years, and can give you that close and smooth shave that you desire. Razor blades are becoming a past time shaving tool. There are pros and cons to using electric shavers compared to razor blades. One of the great things about electric shavers is that require less time to shave.

Eltron Shaver Products for Men

Eltron's doesn't sell a wide variety of different electric shavers like other brands like Braun, Panasonic, Philips, and some of the other shaving products out on the market. Eltron electric shavers are relatively cheap, but still decent products to use. They feature different products and blades. You have the option of purchasing rotary blade razors or foil razors when shopping for Eltron products. Eltron electric shavers aren't the highest of quality and loaded with features like top-selling brands like Braun, Panasonic, Phillips, and other electric shaving brands. However, they're pretty cheap electric razors to use.

I think Eltron products make for good road trip electric razors. If you're a traveling salesman for example, or you're going on vacation, then they're decent shavers to use. Some eltron shavers can cost as low as $20. If you're looking for a cordless electric shaver that will charge in an hour's time, then Eltron electric shavers can not only save you money but time as well. Eltron also has some products that are a bit more expensive and cost $100 dollars or more. Still, compared to other brands they're very cheap electric shavers for men. Eltron electric shavers all provide a worldwide travel adapter and have a 30 day money back guarantee when you purchase one of their products.

  • Model El-2000
  • Model El-3018
  • Model El-3030
  • Model El- 3040
  • Model El-5107
  • Model El-6000
  • Model El-6020-5
  • Model El-6121-5

Where to buy Eltron Electric Shavers for men

Eltron Model El-200 Shaver - The 2000 is a great Eltron electric shaver that can be used for men who travel a lot. The El-200 features a three minute recharge, allowing you to get a fast shave while traveling, or away from home. Or if you're just really busy and don't have a lot of time on your hands. It's a pretty small electric shaver that features two inner foil blades, two outer blades for long hairs. The head of the razor can be detached and rinsed with water. Features a pop up trimmer for sideburns, neck hairs, and mustache trimming. It's one of the more expensive Eltron products on the market. Eltron offers a 30 day money back guarantee. You can buy the El-200 online at ebay, comfort house, and amazon. Prices are above $100.

Eltron Model El 6121-5 - The 6121-5 model is very similar to Norelco shavers. Eltron electric shavers are cheap, and the 6121-5 is an example of that, which will only cost you about $20 dollars online. It's features a LED charging light to let you know when the Eltron electric shaver is fully charged. One of the benefits is that its a three rotary blade for those who don't like foil blades. It requires just an hour to be fully charged. It doesn't contain many other features. It's just a simple rotary shaver that's adequate for short-term use. A pretty cheap product, but not a bad traveling electric shaver to use when you're on the road. You can buy online at amazon, ebay, and american discount beauty. Prices are the same at all three places.

Eltron Model El-6000 - One of Eltron's most popular products out on the market, and one of their most expensive. The El-6000 features a rotary inner blade with a flexible shaving head that allows you to move the blades accordingly to your face. It's probably Eltron's best product that will help you get the closest shave possible. It also features the pop up trimmer, and its a worldwide travel adaptor just like all of the cordless Eltron electric shavers. You can buy online at Comfort1st's website. The El-600 is the cheapest at that online store and costs a little over $100 dollars.