Today, January 8,2010 would have been Elvis Aaron Presley's 75th birthday. He was called THE KING of rock n roll. He died tragically from a drug overdose at Graceland in Feb.1977.

He was born in a two room small house in Tupelo,Mississippi. There was no plumbing or electricity in the house.Elvis mother Gladys and father Vernon went to the Penacostal Church. The church right across the road was where the Pastor taught him to play the guitar.

Elvis decided when he was 18 years old to record two songs for his mother's birthday. He went to the now famous Sun Studios. The songs were "My Happiness" and" That's When Heartbreak Begins". The receptionist there knew they were looking for new talent and played them for the manager. He liked the new raw talent they heard. On July 5 ,1954 he recorded "That's All Right". The owner hired him to record an album which was a HUDGE sucess. Elvis'career took off!

Sun Studios

Three years later he purchased for $100,000 and moved into the 23 room mansion called he called "Graceland". Shaggy green carpet was placed on the ceiling in the jungle themed den. When recording the carpet improved the acoustics. Photo's are hung there everywhere of Elvis and his family. Elvis' and his mother's grave site are located on the "Graceland" property.

Elvis' singing included rock,blues,gospel and rockabilly. A very talented musican Elvis could sing anything. Even now his music has sold over 1000 million records.

Elvis made many feature films the first being "Love Me Tender' which was a western. A few of my favorite Elvis films are:

G.I. Blues (1960)- G.I.'s in Germany raising money to buy a nightclub Elvis and his Buddies get into a bet. Elvis wins if he can spend the night with a club singer and dancer (played by Juliet Prowse.

Clambake- Elvis is a rich kid who wants a girl to fall in love with him not his money. His pa is a rich oil tycoon.Boatracing,singing and a Clambake party. Shelly Fabray plays the girl he falls in Love with and proposes to.

Viva Las Vegas(1964)-This was Elvis' most sucessful film. It made MGM more than 5 million dollars.

Charro (1969) Elvid played Jess Wade who is accused of stealing a cannon from Mexican Revoluionary's. He tries to track the real theives in the film and clear himself. Elvis himself told someone at a cast party that this was his favorite movie. In the movie Elvis didn't sing.

On Monday,January 11,2010, Elvis'75 Good Rockin Tonight Collection will be released by Sony. There are 3 Cd's and 75 songs. This collection includes the first recording that he paid for as a gift for his mother. It is a truly impressive collection.

viva las vegas