What are Elvis Trading Cards? 

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of unique Elvis trading cards and each belongs to their own individual collection and family of cards. The elvis playing collection ranges from the '1956 Bubble Gum Collection' to the 'Elv75 Birthday 2010 Milestones collection'. Each card of each collection symbolises something different, usually it has an image of Elvis on the front marking an event in his life such as in the 'Elvis Movies Card Collection' of the 1992 River Group Family there is a card featuring him as Vince Everett in the film Jailhouse Rock.

What are all the collections of Elvis Presley Trading Cards?

I have tried to find all collections of Elvis trading cards online, but there maybe other collections I haven't mentioned, if you know of any please add them by commenting below.

The Topps 1956 Collection one cent and five cent wrappers for 'America's Top Singer' - contains sixty-six.

The 'TV Guide  Elvis Collection of Cards 1956 - contains sixteen.

The A&BC Elvis Presley Series Gum Cards of 1959 - contains sixty-six.

The Donruss - 1978 Elvis Card Collection - contains sixty-six.

The Monty Gum Cards 1978 Collection contains fifty.

The Chu Bops Mini Collection of Elvis  1981 Album - contains eight.

The Lobby 1981  Elvis Presley Set (containing eight) - has been recommended.

The 1992 River Group Cards - The Cards of His Life - Collection is split into 24 collections: The Promo Cards (ten), Early Days (thirty), Army Days (forty five), Elvis Movies (fifty seven), Rockin' The Tube (thirty), Graceland Tour (seventy five), the Wertheimer Collection (sixty), Elvis With Celebrities (eighteen), Elvis Personal Life (thirty), Elvis Portraits (fifteen), Elvis Wheels (eighteen), 1968 NBC TV special (thirty two), Elvis SRO (thirty one), Elvis in Vegas (fifteen), Aloha Special (fifteen), The Elvis Collection (one hundred eighty nine), The Top Ten Hits Cards (forty), The Gold and Platinum Records Cards - two Sets (one hundred), The Special 29 Cents Stamp Card, Quotable Elvis (twenty five), The King Cards 1st Set (five), The Kind Cards 2nd Set (27 Cards including Promo). In all eight hundred and six eight cards. - has been recommended.

The 1993 Metal Box Cards - Series One, Series Two and Series Three - containing sixty in total.

The 1999 elvis the Platinum collection - containing one hundred and ten.

The 'Elvis Lives!'collection  2006  with around ten sub collections - contains one hundred and two.

'Elvis Is' 2007 Collection with around 15 sub collections - containing one hundred and fifteen.

Elvis Presley Trading Cards: The Music 2007  - containing eighty-eight.

The 'Elvis Collector' from Mapco Express Cards 2007  - containing sixty-four.

The collection of 'Elv1s by the numbers' 2008 - with around 10 sub collections -containing eighty.

Elv75 the commemorative Card Set 2010 - contains seventy-five.

Many of the collections above are split up into their own individual collections e.g. the Elv75 Birthday 2010 Milestone cards are split into 'the base cards', 'the under the lights cards' and 'the king of Hollywood Cards'. Head over to elvis.net to get the sub collections and search online for the above terms to get images of the cards.

Where can I buy Elvis Presley Playing Cards?

There are numerous places online to buy Elvis sticker and card collections such as eBay and Amazon, with a simple search terms like 'elvis trading cards' you will be given a range of offers to start or even complete your collection. If you are trying to find an individual card, try and be more detailed and specific with your search term.

Note: Ask the eBay seller exactly what cards they are offering you if that information isn't actually provided.

You may also be able to find an organised event or Elvis Fan Club where there are elvis trading card sellers. 

If you are interested in selling your collection these are some of the ways you could go about doing it.

Where can I find my Elvis Trading Card value?

Note: Generally speaking the earlier cards that are in the better condition have the real value. The 1956 Topps collection, particularly the 5 Cent Wrappers have a reported value of $1000.

The following points are a brief note of my more detailed article on Elvis Trading Cards: Finding Their Value.

  • You can see what similar prices your cards are going for on eBay, by looking at past and current sales, you can also check out the prices they are listed for on Amazon.
  • You can go down to your local 'Elvis fan club' and see if anyone there can put an estimate on your collection or individual cards for you, they might even give you an offer.
  • There are even books on offer that give you a guide as to the value of Elvis Trading cards, however bear in mind most these are probably out of date.